Remove Windows Security Suite Virus

Windows Security Suite is a rogue security that made it to the lists of most harmful fake antivirus application. Common propagation of this unwanted program includes Trojan Zlob infection and fake security websites. This malicious program can also be acquired by downloading an infected program from file-sharing networks. If Windows Security Suite was installed on computer, it will produce extreme po-pup messages informing that computer is endangered and removing it will require a registered version of the bogus program. Some may speculate that this advise is correct, but the only right thing to do is remove Windows Security Suite and all of its associated files. This can be accomplished for free using an anti-malware program that can be downloaded from a legitimate security web sites.

What Windows Security Suite Does?

Windows Security Suite Virus will display fake security alerts in order to deceive users. Some example of the fake warning messages are:

Unauthorized remote connection!
Your system is making an unauthorized personal data transfer to remote computer!

Windows Security Suite Process Control
An unidentified program is trying to access system process address space.

Next, Windows Security Suite will pop-up its own virus scanner and projects a detection of various computer security threats.

Windows Security Suite Screen Shot Image

Additionally, this rogue program will be able to protect itself  by setting numerous registry entries that will blocked execution of legitimate security software. It will disable running processes that belongs to Kaspersky, Ad-Aware, Avast, Black Ice, eSafe, Dr Web, F-Prot, McAfee, Symantec, Kerio, Outpost, Panda and Zone Alarm. The malware may also block certain Windows functionalities like DOS command prompt, MS Config and Registry Editor to avoid manual removal.

How to Easily Remove Windows Security Suite

1. Print this procedure as we need to close all programs running later.
2. Download AntiMalware Application here and save it to your Desktop.
3. Close all open applications.
4. Double-Click on the downloaded mbam-setup.exe to start the installation. If unable to execute, infections on computer is preventing it from running, rename the file mbam-setup.exe to anything (like myfile.exe)
5. Run the installation on the default settings. No changes are necessary.
6. Just before completing the installation, make sure that the following are marked check.
Update the program
Launch the program

7. The tool will run and update itself after installation. Close it after the update.

8. Restart your computer in SafeMode
– After Power-On the computer, just before Windows start, press F8
– From the selections, Select SafeMode

9. Click on the icon and start to Perform Full Scan to begin scanning your computer for malicious files.
10. After scanning, a message will appear stating that the scan is completed successfully. Click OK.
11. Click Show Results and detected threats will be displayed.
12. Make sure that all threats are marked check, then click Remove Selected to begin removal of the malicious files.
13. Exit MBAM and restart your computer.

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