About Us

Viruspup.com (initially called as im-infected.com) was launched in year 2009 to provide free sources of information in removing viruses, Trojan, malware, adware, and other types of computer infection. This web site also serves the lists of latest threat that every computer users must avoid.

Our main focus is to allow visitors to access free resources and learn the basics of virus removal and Windows troubleshooting. However, we do not limit the web site to that category only, as much as we can, we are trying to provide free and effective tools to help owners of compromised computer fixed the problem with ease. Most of the tools suggested on this site are tested and in compliant with international standards. Above all, we make sure that we only recommend programs that we have tested are useful and clean.

With regards to removal guidelines, viruspup.com see to it that only effective steps are offered and merely the best security program is suggested to be used in cleaning the computer. Thus, if you have computer virus problem, we will help you find the fix in the best possible way we can.

Meet VirusPup Cybersecurity Experts

Iván Che SanJuan (Founder)

Iván started out as a network administrator in his career where he gained interest about cyber security. He firmly believes that basic education is a right of everyone and that lead to starting VirusPup portal.

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Robert La Nguyen

Robert La Nguyen (Editor)

Robert is a highly motivated writer with 3+ years of experience writing for ransomware, malware, adware, PUPs, and other cybersecurity-related issues. As a writer, he strives to create content that is based on thorough technical research. 

Nikita Gergana (Writer)

Nikita  finds joy in the process of creating articles that are easy to understand, informative, and useful. Focused on user privacy and malware development, she strongly believes in a world where cybersecurity plays a central role. 

Affiliated Products

Viruspup.com is offered free to all visitors. To maintain the operation, we need to generate some revenue from this web site. We offer free programs are well as paid ones wherein we earned a commission for every sales made on this site.

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