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Trust Doctor and sometimes called as TrustDoctor virus will invade a computer without being noticed by the user. It can be installed through software vulnerabilities that were exploited by a Trojan. Spam emails and malicious links you may receive on social networking sites and instant messenger can also lead to the virus infection. Trust Doctor also pretends to be a video codec that is necessary to view multimedia files uploaded on some web pages. Download and installation of the said player deceives visitors when a copy of Trust Doctor is also installed in the background.

When done loading, users may just experience extreme pop-ups of warning messages and browser redirection from Trust Doctor. The installed program also executes instant virus scan on every Windows start-up. Do not be surprise for this malware to find viruses even though computer is free from threats. These misleading tactics is aiming to persuade victims into purchasing the Trust Doctor registration code. With the full version of TrustDoctor, it promises to remove any viruses, threats and can help protect computer from attacks.

None of the warning and detections revealed by Trust Doctor is true. It is bogus and you should not fall into its tactics. Otherwise, you will end up buying the rogue software and surrendering credit card data into their web site. Please note that the payment web page used by Trust Doctor is involved in identity theft. It can use your credit card account for illegal transactions.

To remove Trust Doctor, we have provided simple instructions on this page. Be careful on deleting files and registry values, accidental deletion of essential files may cause system crashes.

What are the Symptoms of Trust Doctor Infection?

Trust Doctor Screen Shot Image

This fake program will attempt to mislead computer users to pay for the Trust Doctor registration code by performing a virus scan and showing infected files on the computer. This detection by Trust Doctor is fake and imaginary.

It will modify Windows Registry and add the following entries:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run “[random.exe”
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run “TrustDoctor”
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TrustDoctor
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\TrustDoctor

The threat will drop the following malicious files:

  • %Program Files%\TrustDoctor Software
  • %Program Files%\TrustDoctor Software\TrustDoctor
  • %Program Files%\TrustDoctor Software\TrustDoctor\TrustDoctor.exe
  • %Program Files%\TrustDoctor Software\TrustDoctor\uninstall.exe
  • %Documents and Settings%\All Users\Desktop\TrustDoctor.lnk
  • %Documents and Settings%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TrustDoctor
  • %Documents and Settings%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TrustDoctor\1 TrustDoctor.lnk
  • %Documents and Settings%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TrustDoctor\2 Homepage.lnk
  • %Documents and Settings%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TrustDoctor\3 Uninstall.lnk
  • %WINDOWS%\302147zo9m12a6.cpl
  • %WINDOWS%\303714wormz7u.dll
  • %WINDOWS%\system32\3245viruz8.dll
  • %WINDOWS%\system32\29853hzcktool3f23.bin
  • %WINDOWS%\system32\36112tzoj77ds.bin
  • %WINDOWS%\system32\[random].exe
  • %Temp%\[random].exe

How to Remove Trust Doctor Manually

1. Restart your computer in SafeMode
– After Power-On the computer, just before Windows start, press F8
– From the selections, Select SafeMode

2. Remove Registry entries that the threat added. You MUST BACKUP YOUR REGISTRY FIRST.
– Click Start > Run
– Type in the field, regedit
– Navigate and look for the registry entries mentioned above and delete if necessary

3. Delete malicious files that the threat added:
– Base on the given location above, browse and delete the file
– If no location is given, click Start>Search> and search for the files.
– If cannot be deleted, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to access Task Manager, see if the file is running in the process. If it is, select the file and click End Process. Perform file delete again.

4. Scan computer with Antivirus Program
– Update antivirus program
– Scan computer and delete all detected threats.

How to Easily Remove Trust Doctor

1. To uninstall Trust Doctor virus easily from computer without the hassle of editing registry and system files, please download a removal tool. Click this link to begin the download. Once completed, install it and run a scan on the computer.

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