How to Remove Microsoft Edge Virus

Microsoft Edge virus is a scam designed by cybercriminals to fool internet users. While browsing the internet all of a sudden, you will see a warning message that Microsoft Edge is infected with a virus. It also asks you to call the support helpline to clean the infection. This Scam works like a browser hijacker. It hijacks the settings of the Edge browser like homepage and new tab, then changes these settings and replaces them with its own address. So, when you open the browser, you will again see the warning. Here in this article, you will know how to remove Microsoft Edge virus from your computer.

Microsoft Edge Virus Sample 1

What is Microsoft Edge Virus?

The whole plot is a scam; there is no virus infection in your Edge browser. The page only tries to scare you with the virus name. So that you call the support number provided in the message, so when you call the support number, you will speak with the fraudsters who pretend to be from a tech company, usually Microsoft or Apple. The guy tries to convince you that your computer has some severe virus infection and you need to purchase the removal tool or purchase the tech assistance package. Once you do that, the company go away with your money as there was no real virus infection.

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Several such tech support scams try to fool users. Online fraudsters create such pages that are filled with the virus warning. Then they promote the page using the adware or online redirects. Several websites on the internet add a redirection in their click event. So when you click on their page, they redirect you to such sites. The adware also works like that. It keeps redirecting you to such fake webpages.

How Microsoft Edge Virus Scam enter in your System?

Microsoft Edge virus scam pages appear on your browser with the help of adware. You may also see it while browsing the suspicious websites. Such websites redirect you to these scam pages. The adware usually enters in your system with the help of third-party software. Their makers bundle the code with the third-party free or pirated software. When you download and install that software the adware also gets installed on your PC.

Microsoft Edge virus uses a similar method to spread directly. It is bundled as a browser hijacker, and when you install such software, it also enters in your PC. Once it begins, it hijacks the settings of your browser like homepage, new tab, and default search engine. If you change these addresses, it comes back once you restart the browser or the PC.

How Dangerous is Microsoft Edge Virus Scam?

Microsoft Edge virus is a fake warning message, and there is no virus infection in your PC. However, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pose any danger. Below are the risks of Microsoft Edge Virus-

  • If you call the support number, it can charge you heavily with the inflated call rates and may hold you to increase the charge. Get ready to receive a huge bill.
  • If you give your credit card to purchase any removal tool or support package, they can charge more than they report.
  • They can steal confidential information and data from your PC when you give the remote access or install the removal tool.
  • The so-called removal tool could work as spyware or keylogger to report your activity back to them.

How to Remove Microsoft Edge Virus?

Follow the below steps to remove the fake Microsoft Edge virus warning.

Step 1 – Delete Microsoft Edge Recovery Active Directory

To remove the Microsoft Edge virus, you need first to remove the active directory of the Microsoft Edge browser. Browse through the following folders.


Note: – Replace Your_Username with your user name, and the xxxxxxxx is different for every user.

Remove Microsoft Edge Virus 1

Step 2 – Remove Suspicious Applications from PC

Press Win+R button to open the Run, then type appwiz.cpl and press OK.

Uninstall Programs 1

There you will see the list of all the programs. Find the suspicious applications, right click on them and choose Uninstall.

Uninstall Programs 2

Now follow the instructions to uninstall the application.

Step 3 – Reset Microsoft Edge to Default State

Follow the reset instructions from the Microsoft Edge Reset Guide.

Step 4 – Scan your PC with MalwareFox Antimalware

Download MalwareFox Antimalware.

Now open the installer and install MalwareFox on your computer.

Once the MalwareFox is installed, let it update the program and the signature database.

MalwareFox Updating Signature

Now click on the Scan button.

Scan with MalwareFox 1

Once the scan is completed click on Next to remove the threats from your PC.

Scan with MalwareFox 3

You have successfully removed the Microsoft Edge Virus scam from your PC. Don’t visit suspicious websites and never install software from untrusted sources. Keep the real-time protection featured enabled of MalwareFox so that it can protect you from such threats in the future.

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