How to Remove Scam is a legitimate website that is used to provide remote connection to the technicians. The site uses the GoToAssist tool that enables the support guys to access the computer remotely and fix the issues. While this service is legitimate and useful, cybercriminals exploit it to con people and steal their money. In this article, you will see how Fast Support is used to fool users and how you can remove it.

What is FastSupport Scam?

Cybercriminals often abuse remote support tools and services to generate revenue. They use some shady websites to redirect users to the pages which display warning that their system has encountered an error or infected with malware. Then the message persuades users to contact the support team to fix these issues. There is a support number for that. When the user dials the number, they talk to fake technicians who pretends to be from a reputed firm like Microsoft or Apple. Now the technician asks users to give remote access using the so that they can check the issue. They access your computer and then report back that there is a malware infection in your PC which needs to be removed right now, but you need to pay for the removal tool. Note that, there is no malware infection on your PC and the money you pay that goes directly in the hands of online fraudsters.

How to Remove FastSupport Scam

The other way that cybercriminals use to do the Fastsupport scam is to call users and pretend to be from Microsoft or Apple. They ask users that their system has an issue which needs to be fixed and ask users to provide the remote connection using the and GoToAssist. Later, they told you that your system has virus infection and you need to pay to remove it. That’s how the FastSupport scam happens.

Dangers of Providing Remote Access

Apart from conning users in the name of tech support, cybercriminals could damage the PC in several ways if you provide the remote access of your PC using or any other tools. Once you give access to your PC in the hands of fraudsters, they could steal your personal and confidential information. They could blackmail you for your sensitive pictures or files. If you have stored your credit card or banking details, then they could steal all your money.

Cybercriminals could install keylogger or spyware on your PC, which will record all your activity and then report back to them. They could even infect your system with ransomware and trojans. Cybercriminals can use your PC the way they want. Also, they can use your computer to deploy a virus attack or hack attempt. The officials are going to arrest you first for the crime.

The fake tech support pages appear on your website when you have an adware infection. It could also appear when you visit rogue websites. Some sites add redirections in their pages when you click they redirect to such scam pages.

How did Adware enter in your PC?

There are several ways adware could enter in your PC. The most common method is software bundling. The makers of the adware bundle the adware with free or pirated software, then they upload it on the website that allows users to download free of cost. Once the user downloads that software and installs it on their PC they also install the adware.

Such programs don’t disclose about the bundled software. You could see them if you choose the custom or advanced installation method. The bundled software is pre-selected, which you can deselect. However, most users consider it as an essential tool and continue the installation without deselecting. Thus, they infect their system with adware.

How to Remove FastSupport Virus?

The manual removal of the Fast Support Scam is not easy. If you are an experienced computer user who knows the about technical stuff, then you can remove it manually. However, for a regular computer user, we recommend going through the automatic removal method.

Manually Remove FastSupport Scam

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc button together, It will open the Task Manager.

Go to the Details tab, and carefully examine the running processes. You can search on Google to know which process is malicious. Once you see the malware process name, select it and press End task button.

End Task

Now Press Win+R key and type appwiz.cpl and click on OK.

Uninstall Programs 1

Search for that program, right click on it and select Uninstall.

Uninstall Programs 2

Now follow the instructions to remove it.

Once you have removed the malicious program, it is time to delete its remaining files.

Visit C:\Program Files and search using the name of malware, locate the folder and delete it. If you don’t find it there, then check it in the C:\Program Files (x86).

Remove Remaining Files

Now it is time to clear the Temporary files. Most of these malware resides in the temp folder and runs again upon the next startup.

Press Win+R key and type %temp% and click on OK.

Remove Temp Files

Now Press Ctrl+A to select all the files and delete them by pressing Shift+Del button.

Now restart your PC and check in the task manager if the malware is still running then follow the automatic method to remove it.

Remove Fast Support Virus Automatically

Download MalwareFox Antimalware.

Open the installer and follow the screen instructions to install it.

Now MalwareFox will update the program and the signatures.

MalwareFox Updating Signature

Once it is completed, press the Scan button.

Scan with MalwareFox 1

Press Next button to clean all threats from your PC.

Scan with MalwareFox 3

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