XTBL Decryption Tool

1. Download Kaspersky RakhniDecryptor version or later from this official website link.

2. After downloading, extract the file to a folder on your hard drive.

3. Locate RakhniDecryptor.exe tool and double-click to launch the scanner.

RakhniDecryptor Icon

4. Click on Start Scan to initiate the process. RakhniDecryptor will prompt you to specify path to encrypted files.

RakhniDecryptor Start Scan

5. Navigate to folder containing XTBL file and select specific type such as .XLS, .DOC, .JPG, and so on. TEXT file should not be selected as there were reports of decryption problem when selecting this file type.

Select XTBL Files

6. When done with the selection, please click Open button. RakhniDecryptor will use your chosen file as a patter to scan remaining encrypted XTBL files. This process may take a while. Please wait for the scan to finish.

7. Once done with the scan and decryption, RakhniDecryptor will display scan results including numbers of scanned items and productively decrypted files.

RakhniDecryptor Scan Completed

8. You can click on Details to view specific?items of recovered files. See image below for reference.

RakhniDecryptor Scan Results

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