Should you trust Anvisoft Products?

Anvisoft is supposed to be a computer security company. It carries products such as Anvi Smart Defender, Cloud System Booster, and Anvi AD Blocker. I just wonder how the company provides protection while they are oblivious to recent security issues.

It is obvious that blogging or providing removal steps for individual threat is one method to promote their software and boosts their sales. The fact that Anvisoft doesn’t have a research team, how do they guarantee efficiency of their products? In fact, the company’s sources for latest malware threats are some blog web sites that are mostly run by individual publishers. Here are some of the copyright violations committed by Anvisoft staff.

Copied by Sophia from
Title: How to Remove White Screen Virus
White Screen virus is an annoying program that has recently started scaring many computer users. Basically, it’s a huge white screen…”

Copied by Frances from
Title: How to Remove Websearch+
Websearch+ ( is a website created by Brand Thunder LLC, it’s being promoted using free browser themes…”

Copied by Sophia from
Title: Remove Internet Security “designed to protect” virus
“Internet Security 2013 (designed to protect) is a computer virus, which pretends to be a legitimate security program and claims that…”

Copied by Frances from
Title: How to Remove Bucksbee Search and Toolbar
“Bucksbee Search and Toolbar is an adware that will get inside your computer through third-party software. It is injected into the browser as Bucksbee Loyalty Plugin, which gives rewards…”


These samples are just some of the hundreds of contents stolen from different web sites by their so called writers. Anvisoft, who has incompetent staff, doesn’t know the damage they are causing to the original authors of these articles. It could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars per month revenue loss. On our part, we will be submitting a DMCA complaint to Google if stolen content from our site is not removed within a week. I suggest other victims do the same.

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  1. Thanks for this information.

    Some of the articles on my web site were stolen by Anvisoft. I never realized the effect until my pages starts to disappear on the search. Google finalized my web site for duplicate content (maybe). I already made a removal report to Google and hoping that Anvisoft web articles will be removed from the search totally. Not only has that it published stolen content, the removal procedure doesn’t seem to work. It’s a scam to let people buy their products.

  2. Well, those websites, especially 2-spyware and malwaretips copy other website’s research. Those websites have no research team and are ran by 1 person each. Malwaretips even has fake forum members, Google plus followers, and Twitter followers, which the owner uses to have conversations with himself in his form when discussing “promotions” and to boost SEO… In reality the websites you mention are hurting the “real researches” who found the infections and “wrote about it or published the content first…” Anvisoft is doing nothing different than what the websites you mention do… The only difference is it happened to this website (viruspup) so you are affected by it and are writing about it. You should also mention how unethical the websites you mentioned here are and how they also do the same thing.

  3. Mary, I beg to disagree.

    There is a big difference between copy and paste (Anvisoft) and re-writing articles. 2-spyware, malwaretips, and other web sites in the same niche are exerting efforts to produce their own content. On the other hand, Anvisoft just visit a site, scrape text and paste on their website. Funny thing is, they will never give credit to the source.

  4. If we take out the ‘duplicate content’ factor due to copying and pasting material (since Google will not penalize for that) the outcome and is exactly that of what you complain Anvisoft is doing to these websites (it could results in thousands in loss). Hurting real independent researches, authors, and malware hunters who published the content first and went through the pain to uncover such parasites will feel the backlash of these websites that copy their content. It’s not like Malwaretips is writing anything special, every single article they write is a copied and pasted template with the names of the infections cut in. I see your points about Anvisoft, but the same exact thing Malwaretips, 2-spyware, and others do (though differently) has the same exact outcome and effects Anvisoft has on viruspup. It’s all bad!

  5. And those websites don’t even cite the source in which they heard about the infection from… Just like Anvisoft…

  6. The big difference, Anvisoft is a software company selling stuff, computer security stuff. Recommends their own program as a remover but without a proof. Other web sites running the same niche are using EFFECTIVE tools, which some are offered FREE. Again, this post purely covered stolen contents (copy/paste). Issues whoever wrote the article first and who re-wrote it is not the concern here. In fact, the Internet evolves on that matter. But stealing contents of other web site is a NO.

    You must learn to differentiate copy/paste from re-write or re-publish!

  7. There is a difference (obviously a slight one being the tactics used) and it all has all the same affects on the real researchers and legitimate bloggers who publish content that these websites steal just like Anvisoft does to these listed websites… It’s all theft, done for the same reasons, with the same outcome. To claim that these websites offer effective tools is obviously not true… Simple investigating will show that these websites recommend the same removal tools for each infection. In most cases these tools do not work for the mentioned infection… 2-spyware promotes StopZilla, PC Tools, and Xosoft for every single infection (enough said). Malwaretips uses the same template for every category infection… in most cases the things Malwaretips says about the infection are not true… It’s not okay to do this to the public (It’s basicaly targeting and lying to the unsuspecting computer user in order to generate money off their troubles). Malwaretips fabricates content such as where the infection was contracted, if the “browser hijacker” displays sponsored search, what bundles with the product, where it can be downloaded, and seriously just about everything else.. It’s all nonsense. If you are going to write about someone’s research or what you learned from a legitimate blog’s article you should at least do so in a legitimate and realistic fashion, without fabricating symptoms to scare people into purchasing unnecessary security tools (at least Anvisoft may be honest be that they copy and paste real research in some cases which conveys the real message).
    None of these websites offer effective manual removal procedures without forcing third-party affiliate software down our throats.
    None of these websites cite the sources for the content, in most causes even stealing images and placing their own watermarks on the images. Anvisoft does not cite sources either…
    In the end it’s the same thing as Anvisoft, maybe worse, maybe not.. but it’s literally the same thing. If you do not like what Anvisoft is doing to these websites, how can you like what these websites do to legitimate websites that work their tales off to introduced these malwares (unless your website strives from stolen or scarped content, or you don’t conduct your own research and need to copy what real websites publish to stay afloat)?
    Remember, while Anvisoft is trying to peddle their own software, these websites are also trying to peddle software, push CPC advertisements, and more. These websites use copied and pasted templates, these sites use templates and fabricate content, these websites want money just like Anvisoft.
    These websites use advertisements, affiliate software links, and then ask for donations via PayPal. Malwaretips probably makes over $100,000 USD (I know he’s in different country) but still pushes for it’s visitors to donate to PayPal on every article… These websites want money just like Anvisoft wants money, they are doing the same thing.
    It should also be mentioned that a lot of the time Anvisoft re-words articles as well, opposed to copy and paste. I would rather someone copy and paste than re-word my published article, at least the real point will be conveyed and a simply search will show the content was first posted on my website.
    The reason why you can not see the difference is because Anvisoft has an affect on you (or you have a malicious vendetta). If you did legitimate research, worked for various security organizations, and then listed your work to your personal blog only to have Malwaretips and 2-spyware steal your content, fabricate information concerning your work, and over-all steal your SERPS just in order to generate money, you will see how what these bottom-feeding websites do is no different than what Anvisoft is doing to you… Speak for the people, not just yourself.

  8. It doesn’t matter how they stole my bike or how they use my bike after they stole it… it’s still stolen property. =)

  9. You must learn to differentiate copy/paste from re-write or re-publish! SIMPLE!

    Your sentiments are out of the topic. The author simply pinpoints how Anvisoft copy/paste items from other web sites. Your criticism about malwaretips’ and 2-spyware’s way of promoting products, templating procedures and so on is way far of the topic. If you find copy/paste items performed by the two sites, feel free to post the original copied (not re-written) page here. That is the subject of this post I believed.

    If your protest is about the wrongdoings of malwaretips and 2-spyware for forcing 3rd party programs down your throat, then find a matching topic wherein you can shout your objection. Definitely not here.

    You must learn to differentiate copy/paste from re-write or re-publish! SIMPLE!

    Topic: Asiana Crash
    How many web sites wrote about it? Let’s say 1,000. Does it mean only 1 is the sole author and 999 are thief?

    I can sense that you are part of Anvisoft and in order to justify your wrongdoings, you simply find faults on others. To tell you frankly, it doesn’t help.

    You must learn to differentiate copy/paste from re-write or re-publish! SIMPLE!

    PS. Anvisoft’s only affects me after installing their program on my PC. It seems that removing it gives me so much headache. So, I search the web if Anvisoft’s product can be trusted. That brings me here.

  10. You are rude and it’s obvious that you are the author of this website. Me being someone who does not run a website but sees this everyday can diferenate bad from good. They are both bad, I agreed they are different, but what you do not understand for reason or are purposely being maliciuos and unethical about is the fact that the same harm Anvisoft does to these websites, is the same exact harm that these websites do to realistic websites.

    Copied and pasted content, it’s obvious what it is… If that is your only point in this debate you have failed. The neutral moderator would mark you down for this. It is an acckknowledged fact that does not need to be brought up.

    The author of this website claims that Anvisoft may cause hundreds to thousands in loss to these websites, while these websites may also cause hundreds and thousands in harm to realistic websites who publish content first and do not cite the source of their information. It’s the same thing.

    As for copied information, file a DCMA, we already know that Google will not penalize the original source for duplicate content. This is another fact that should not be brought up because we both acknowledge this.

    These websites cause as much harm, less harm, or more harm to real people who work to engineer and hunt malware by stealing, using, re-wording their information. This can also be identified as copying, though it is not copying and pasting (computer).

    It’s like developing a soda that tastes exactly like Coke. You’re still ripping it off and the original publisher is tragically losing money.

    It’s the same thing. Both should not be done. There is a correct way to publicly speak about malware, and that is to provide proof, to provide the sample of proof, in which none of these websites do (at all). You see no links to any virus scans, no links or information concerning this at all. Cite the original source, cite the manufacturers that engineer the malware and provide it in their software. Do you understand any of this? This is an easy way to differentiate “experts” from “bloggers” (who basically only blog to make money, not do any research). None of these websites provide information as thy why such findings are malicious, only generic “symptoms” that are mostly off topic or “dull.” Do you understand what I’m trying to convey to you? To an “expert” it’s obvious that these are not “experts.” It’s obvious that they want money just like Anvisoft. If your recycle someone’s information you are hurting them.

    I am done speaking to you, please be good to people, be kind. And if this is your website or if you conduct any security type website, don’t be a douche.

  11. I can not agree with you any more, Mary. These websites, 2-spyware, malwaretips, anvisoft, viruspup, whatever, they are doing same things. Same keywords, different description, different removal procedure and tool. viruspup uses copied and pasted templates in every post too,they even use a simple “unknown” word to replace the so called “virus infections sample”. Honestly, none of these websites is trustful.

  12. Amanda this is my first time being introduced to viruspup, it’s very disappointing. I’ve noticed marketing practices that can get a website blacklisted or terminated from the affiliate program too… but I won’t say anything.

  13. So Mary, get straight to the point. What do you want? What’s making you so angry for pinpointing Anvisoft as publishing stolen content, while others were not?

    I wish I was the author so that I may grant your sentiments of revising the article, telling readers that there should be ONE publisher to appear when you search the web. The case is not, whatever topic, you will see several web sites publishing them. It just the matter how search engine ranks them.

    If second hand article outranked the first, you should blame the search engine, not the writer or web site. Post your objections to search engines, tell them that when you search the web, only the original article should show up…
    Copy and pasting by Anvisoft is the mere topic on this post. Do not make things so complicated.

    If this is the first time you are being introduced to this web site, why did you arrive at this specific post? It was written 5-10-13. It is almost buried. You can never hide that you are up to something.

  14. Mary, Matini and others.

    Sorry, I have to lock the thread because discussion is going nowhere. It is not healthy to the visitors either.

    The article was posted because despite the fact that several emails were sent to Anvisoft, they decline to remove our text/image on their site. I called it ours because we were the first to discover and published those topics. If other web sites re-published it, we take no harm. Every writer on the web is free to re-publish content as long as it was not copied word-by-word. Otherwise, search engines will see it as dup contents, and neither side will get penalized. In our case, we’re the one being hit. Maybe because Anvisoft is a Brand and ours is not. It is still case-to-case basis though.

    This post was written to establish the fact that in 4 years of this web site’s existence, we never steal contents from others (we re-publish sometimes), while Anvisoft is an offender.


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