HitmanPro Review 2019 (Tested and Updated)

SurfRight created HitmanPro, and then they joined with Sophos Family in 2015. HitmanPro is an excellent tool when you need to remove malware from your PC. It works on the behaviour-based detection method and detects the threats with cloud-based scanning. HitmanPro has several layers of detection. It is lightweight and portable malware removal tool.

In this article, I am going to test the HitmanPro and review its security and performance. I will also examine different features of HitmanPro.

Features in HitmanPro

HitmanPro is a simple malware removal tool. It doesn’t have fancy features which you will see in other antimalware. You cannot use it for continues protection. When you suspect that you have a malware infection, at that time you need to scan with it. It doesn’t protect your PC real-time. If you want a continues protection, then you should get another version of this tool, HitmanPro.Alert. It is full-featured which protects your PC in real-time and also has other features.

Modes of HitmanPro

The best part of HitmanPro is its portability. There is no need to install this tool to remove the malware. Most advanced malware doesn’t let any security solution enter in the PC. So, it is an advantage that HitmanPro works without installation. The size of HitmanPro is 11MB, so you can easily download it and put it in the USB drive.

HitmanPro works in two different modes. In the start, it asks if you to store a copy of HitmanPro program file on this computer? So, if you to install it select yes or if you want to one-time scan the computer, choose no.

Protection of HitmanPro

When it comes to protection HitmanPro has nothing. It doesn’t protect your computer from any attacks that are happening right now. But once you press the scan button, it doesn’t leave any traces of malware infection on your computer. It quarantines the detected threats immediately, so that, they can not do any further damage.

HitmanPro Review 2019
HitmanPro Scan Result after installing it in the system

HitmanPro doesn’t just rely on the signature-based detection method. It also checks the behaviour of the applications to catch the culprit. It uploads the suspicious files in the cloud where it scans them with five different antivirus engines. The cloud technology scans on Prevx, G Data, Dr.Web, Emsisoft, IKARUS, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky engines. So, you are getting the protection from these antivirus engines with HitmanPro.

HitmanPro Malware Removal Tool Review
HitmanPro Scan Result without installing it in the system

You can fully trust its detection capability. HitmanPro has a high detection rate of malware and low false positive detection rate.

Performance of HitmanPro

Performance wise HitmanPro is an excellent tool. I tested all scan modes, and it was pretty quick. The full scan mode takes around 20 minutes to scan my 500GB of hard disk. While the quick scan mode elapsed only 4 minutes, it is recommended that you use the full scan mode if you are suspicious of malware infection. If you want to check if there is an infection quickly, then you can use the quick scan mode.

HitmanPro Quick Scan

When it comes to resource consumption, HitmanPro works on least resources, and it doesn’t impact the speed of the computer. Even when the scan is running, you can do your other work easily. Below is the screenshot of the task manager during the scan. It was consuming only 7.3% of CPU and 47.7 MB of memory. The hard drive usage was high, as it was accessing the file from the hard disk, which is obvious.

HitmanPro Performance
HitmanPro Impact on the System Resources

Also, HitmaPro doesn’t interfere with any other security suite which you already installed. It runs effectively with any other antivirus suite.

Review Summary

Pros Cons
Lightweight and Portable Doesn’t have real-time protection
Low impact of system performance The free version doesn’t remove malware
Use Behaviour-based detection
Uses cloud scan with different antivirus engines


Overall, HitmanPro is an excellent malware removal tool. It is always useful as a second opinion disinfection tool. But, HitmanPro cannot replace the need of an antimalware suite which has real-time protection. There are lots of malware which start damaging your system just after they enter in your PC. So, if an anti-malware isn’t capable of preventing the malware in real-time, it is of no use.

However, HitmanPro is the best tool, if your system is already infected. Scan with your regular antimalware, and then you can use HitmaPro to check if there are some traces of the malware. It thoroughly cleans your system.

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