5 Best Antimalware Software 2019

In the year 2018, ransomware attacks were on the rise. Wannacry makes everyone cry as they lose their valuable data with this ransomware. Several new threats also emerged in this year. You must be thinking what should be your protection strategy in 2019? You certainly don’t need antivirus.

Yes, Antimalware is your best defense strategy in 2019. Antimalware works on the behavior-based detection method and blocks the threats even if they are brand new. Here in this article, I am listing five best antimalware software to trust in 2019. You can choose one of these and can relax in the upcoming year.

Top 5 Antimalware Software in 2019

1. MalwareFox Antimalware

MalwareFox is a lightweight antimalware capable of preventing advanced computer threats. Traditional antivirus relies on signature-based detection. Meaning if a new threat appears, the antivirus will only catch it, if its signature is in the database. The updation of the signature could take days or weeks. Meanwhile, you will lose your all valuable data.

MalwareFox also works on the signature-based detection for known threats. But it is one step ahead to detect the unknown malware. Its real-time protection keeps checking the behavior of all programs. So, if a program behavior is suspicious it blocks that program immediately.

MalwareFox Premium - Top 5 Antimalware Software in 2019

MalwareFox removes PUPs from your computer completely. It cleans your browser from tracking codes, malicious extensions, and settings hijacker. It has a robust anti-ransomware layer that protects your critical files. Not only this, but MalwareFox also removes Rootkit, spyware, keyloggers, and trojans from your system.

MalwareFox is your best defense when it comes to zero-day malware attack. It monitors the actions of each program and aggressively blocks them if they perform any suspicious activity. MalwareFox’s easy to use interface and lightweight on system resources makes it an excellent antimalware.

2. Bitdefender Total Security 2019

Bitdefender Total Security 2019 is the best solution for different kind of devices. It secures your Windows PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Bitdefender Total Security is not just a simple malware removal tool. It is a full-featured antivirus suite. It gives complete protection to all areas.

Bitdefender Total Security works on Advanced Threat Defense technology. It analyzes the behavior of potential threats and blocks them before they start damaging your system. The Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection doesn’t let your valuable files into the hand of ransomware.

Bitdefender Total Security 2019

Bitdefender Total Security also has Wi-Fi security advisor. It assesses your Wi-Fi connection and suggests fixes. So that, no one can hack into your network. It also has a Safepay browser that has an extra security feature for financial transactions. Similarly, Anti-Phishing & Anti-Fraud feature doesn’t let your sensitive data into the hand of fraudsters.

The VPN, Password Manager, Firewall, and Parental Controls are a few other useful tools. Not only this, but Total Security also protects your Webcam so that no one can sneak through it. Overall Bitdefender Total Security is the best choice for protection in 2019.

3. Malwarebytes Premium

Another best antimalware solution for 2019 is Malwarebytes. It is a simple yet trustworthy antimalware. Malwarebytes is known for its aggressive detection. It is a good thing, as these days thousands of new malware emerging each day. To save our valuable data from these threats, we need such an aggressive antimalware.

Malwarebytes blocks new emerging threats in real-time. To do that, it doesn’t just rely on signature-based detection. Malwarebytes also uses the behavior analysis to identify spyware, rootkit, and other dangerous threats. It also has a powerful anti-ransomware which protects your files.

Malwarebytes Premium - Best Antimalware 2019

Malwarebytes also blocks malicious or fraud websites. It doesn’t let you reach on such a site that tries to infect your computer. Not only this, but Malwarebytes also prevent latest scams. One of the latest scams is crypto-jacking. In this scam, hackers inject malware and use your system resources to mine cryptocurrency.

Malwarebytes doesn’t come with fancy features, but it provides a reliable shield to your system. It protects your identity, privacy, and financial details. Malwarebytes also blocks the attempts of exploiting the vulnerabilities in other programs in your computer.

4. HitmanPro.Alert

Like Malwarebytes, HitmanPro.Alert is also a sophisticated antimalware. The best thing about HitmanPro.Alert is, it is portable. You can run it on a USB flash drive. Its size is just of 12 MB. HitmanPro.Alert also works on the behavior-based detection technology.

HitmanPro.Alert blocks the never-before-seen threats by their behavior. It also protects you from hacking. Its ransomware protection catches the known and unknown ransomware. HitmanPro.Alert checks the behavior of each program in your system. If their action is like ransomware, it blocks that threat immediately.

HitmanPro.Alert - Top Antimalware 2019

HitmanPro.Alert gives an extra layer of security near the exploitable programs. Hackers use these programs to exploit their vulnerability. They use them to enter in your system. It also protects your privacy. HitmanPro.Alert prevents spyware from recording your webcam or keystrokes. It blocks unauthorized access to these services.

Overall, HitmanPro.Alert is an advanced antimalware. You can have it for its real-time protection or to clean an infected computer.

5. Emsisoft Antimalware

Emsisoft is another best antimalware in 2019. It works on advanced detection mechanisms. It blocks new computer threats such as ransomware, adware, PUPs, and trojans. Emsisoft works on the Dual-engine malware scanner. It checks their signature as well as also analyzes the behavior of potentially harmful software.

Emsisoft is lightweight on your system resources. Its scanner is fast and doesn’t slow down your computer during the scan. It has 4 layers of protection. Emsisoft protects you while you surf the internet. If you try to browse a website or download a program that is harmful, it blocks the connection. It also checks the files you download from the internet.

Emsisoft Antimalware - 5 Best Antimalware in 2019

Emsisoft is also effective on threats that are new, and their signature is not yet flagged. It continuously monitors all programs action and blocks the program that acts like malware. It also prevents the ransomware using this method.

Emsisoft is your best resource when it comes to removing PUPs. Such programs hijack the settings and don’t go away easily. Emsisoft detects and removes such toolbars, adware, and applications from your system. Overall, Emsisoft is an excellent antimalware capable of protecting you against modern threats.


We have seen several new methods of invading the security of computers in 2018. Ransomware was on the news highlight and created huge fuss and loss. In 2019, anti-viruses seem of no use. Now, hackers are taking various new approaches to steal users data and money. They are using social engineering methods to attack. To prevent these attacks we need modern security software. Antimalware is your best hope.

Among these 5 antimalware, Bitdefender Total Security is best. But it is a little bit expensive. For users who don’t need those features, it is not optimal. It doesn’t mean that you cannot have advanced security if your pockets are tight. You can choose Malwarebytes or MalwareFox. Both tools are lightweight and have a modern detection mechanism. They are also low in subscription charges. Moreover, you can use their free version. With the free version, you won’t get the real-time protection, but you can always clean your computer.

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