Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Mac OS X Virus)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police with Ukash Payment is a Ransomware created by cyber crook specifically for Mac OS X systems. Like many other virus that already detected over the net by security experts. Royal Canadian Mounted Police has the same goal to steal money from innocent victims in a form of fine or penalty. Hackers used names of official to get the attention of target victims and make them feel scared and worry. This tactics can convince users to pay the said fine.

Infected computer displays a full screen message that contains warning like “Royal Canadian Mounted Police. All activities on this computer have been recorded. All your files are encrypted.” Then, some illegal activities are presented that you as a user breach the law. The most common charge used by attacker is that the user is involved in copyright violations. Because of this action, they will ask you to pay amounting to $300 as a fine. It also includes instructions on how you can pay fine. Author of Royal Canadian Mounted Police virus will demand you to pay via Ukash or MoneyPak. While you are not paying the penalty, your entire system is blocked. You cannot regain your computer access unless you pay the demand or remove the malware technically.


This virus may get into your system if you browse malicious site, or open an email attachment that contains this threat. By any chance, that you get and see this kind of warning from fake Royal Canadian Mounted Police, what you have to do is to remove it right away. Paying the fine is not the real solution to clean up the mess cause by this malware. Just ignore all the threats and focus more on how to get rid of Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Quick and easy steps on how to delete it are as follows.

How to Remove Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Mac OS X Virus)

Quick Reference:

Whenever there is a JavaScript running on an open web page you can disable it with a feature from Safari. In this case, a JavaScript prevents users from closing the fake FBI warning page. Follow these steps to disable the running script.

1. On Safari menu, select Preferences or press Command + on the keyboard.
2. Click on the Security tab. Then, remove the check mark on ‘Enable JavaScript’


3. Once the script is disabled, you will be able to close the Windows and browse away from that fake Royal Canadian Mounted Police web address.

Removal Procedures:

1. On the Safari web browser menu, click on Reset Safari…


2. Selections will appear on the screen. This Safari reset feature will clear browsing history and removes saved and downloaded items. It also closes the current Safari window once done with the process. Once you mark all the items, click on ‘Reset‘ button. Take note that you cannot undo this operation.


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