Remove FBI Virus from Safari (MoneyPak Scam)

FBI Virus (Safari Mac OSX) is another type of ransomware where in name of Federal Bureau of Investigation used by cyber crook to collect money from infected Macintosh users. The name of officials like FBI used to threaten the victims and forcing them to pay the demand like $300 as a fine for committing some breach of law, that is according to Macintosh news web site. The most common accusation is that a victim is involved in copyright violations. As long as the Mac OSX users still not paying the said fine, the entire system is unusable except for one thing. Victims can use or access only Paypal to be able to pay the fine online through MoneyPak.

In order to make it more authentic, creators of FBI Virus (Safari Mac OSX) displays an FBI seal on the web page message. They do used recorded video to show you that they have control over your computer. FBI Virus (Safari Mac OSX) also runs the webcam randomly while you are viewing the fake FBI warning page. It aims to scare you that acting as if FBI has the power to arrest you and holding all information and identity about you. According to a Malwarebytes findings, there is no way that you can get rid of the page while JavaScript is running.

The main point of FBI Virus (Safari Mac OSX) authors why they have to block your access is clearly due to money. Authors are indeed wise these days. You have to be wiser than those cyber crooks. Do not follow what they demand. Do not believe to all allegations thrown at you. Just don’t mind them. Instead, devote your time I removing FBI Virus (Safari Mac OSX) immediately after you see it on your screen. All you have to do is follow the steps on how to free your Mac system from this Ransom malware.

How to Remove FBI Virus from Safari Browser (Mac OS X)

Quick Reference:

Whenever there is a JavaScript running on an open web page you can disable it with a feature from Safari. In this case, a JavaScript prevents users from closing the fake FBI warning page. Follow these steps to disable the running script.

1. On Safari menu, select Preferences or press Command + on the keyboard.
2. Click on the Security tab. Then, remove the check mark on ‘Enable JavaScript’


 3. Once the script is disabled, you will be able to close the Windows and browse away from that fake FBI web address.

Removal Procedures:

1. On the Safari web browser menu, click on Reset Safari…


2. Selections will appear on the screen. This Safari reset feature will clear browsing history and removes saved and downloaded items. It also closes the current Safari window once done with the process. Once you mark all the items, click on ‘Reset‘ button. Take note that you cannot undo this operation.


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