CryptoLocker Virus Removal

CryptoLocker is a virus that pop-up a warning on computer screen and ask to pay $100 for Private Key via MoneyPak or Ukash. This private key can be use to decrypt all files that were locked by this malware. This program is often called as ransomware by security experts. It may display deceptive message stating that anything you do to remove the virus may lead to the destruction of your private key. Without this key, decrypting your files will be impossible.

Computer users should know that malicious and harmful program like CryptoLocker was developed by online criminals to earn profit through fraudulent act. Normally, ransomware are programs that will block access to files, programs, and computer in order to collect payment from victims. Sending money to this kind of attacker is similarly giving them chance to earn easy profit via online scam. Hence, this activity will never stop. Other developers seeing success through this scheme may carry out the same attack soon.

In order to stop the ransomware activity including CryptoLocker virus, it is best to remove the Trojan, virus, or malware that dropped it into the computer. Next, you need to deal with the encrypted files using valid tools from known security provider. One of the mentioned tools we utilized on the removal guide on this page may help unlock files that were encrypted by CryptoLocker malware.

What are the Symptoms of CryptoLocker Virus Infection?

CryptoLocker virus will lock files on the computer. It normally affect files like documents, photos, videos, and music. See refence image below.


Automatic Removal of CryptoLocker Virus

1. Download and run MalwareBytes AntiMalware to remove CryptoLocker Virus. You can obtain this tool from this download link.

How to Remove File Encryption by CryptoLocker

1. Download the tool from this link:

2. Save a copy of encrypted file to a USB drive. Test the tool to more than 3 affected files that has .QWCiPhErEd extensions.

3. Copy the file on the root of your USB drive.

4. Press {Windows Key} + {R} on your keyboard or open the Run command from Start Menu.

5. Type this parameter. This assumes that your USB drive is E:

E:\te94decrypt.exe -k 106

6. If you have an existing antivirus program, please update it and run a complete scan to be sure that computer is already free from viruses and Trojans.

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  1. got rid of crypttolocker but xls xmls files all corrupted – these files don’t have .QWCiphered suffix so te94……exe couln’t work

  2. You may be able to remove Cryptolocker and other malware but you may not recover your files. So what’s the moral of the story? Backup!!! Get a good drive image program and make regular full and incremental backups automatically. Recovery is a snap. The worst thing that can happen is you may loose a days worth of files. Could be worse, right?

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