Are WiseCleaner Products Safe?

Are you worried that WiseCleaner products are infected program and are not safe to use on your computer? Your worry is not entirely meaningless. There have been questions regarding the authenticity of this software in the past. In this article, we will know about these questions and answer to the biggest one “Is WiseCleaner products safe?”

List of Products

WiseCleaner is a software company that has several products. Its products are usually for system tuneup and performance improvements. Below is the list of products by WiseCleaner.

Data and Security Apps

  • Wise Care 365
  • Check Badge
    Wise Anti Malware
  • Wise Data Recovery
  • Wise Data Hider Free/Pro

Performance Improvement Products

  • Wise Driver Care
  • Wise Registry Cleaner
  • Wise Disk Cleaner
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    Wise Program Uninstaller
  • Check Badge
    Wise Memory Optimizer
  • Check Badge
    Wise Game Booster
  • Check Badge
    Wise System Monitor
  • Check Badge
    Wise PC 1stAid
  • Check Badge
    Wise Plugin Manager

Utility Tools

  • Wise Windows Key Finder
  • Wise Duplicate Finder
  • Check Badge
    Wise Hotkey
  • Check Badge
    Wise Reminder
  • Check Badge
    Wise JetSearch
  • Check Badge
    Wise AutoShutdown
  • Check Badge
    Wise Force Deleter
Are WiseCleaner Products Safe

There are more than 20 products WiseCleaner is offering. Most of these tools are unnecessary. However, users may find some useful like Wise Care 365, Anti Malware, Data Recovery, Data Hider, Registry Cleaner, etc. So we will be discussing these products in detail.

​Get Second Opinion Malware Scanner

MalwareFox is a reliable anti-malware software runs alongside antivirus to find infections which cannot be detected easily.

VirusTotal Review

VirusTotal analyses a program and checks its status with different antivirus engines. We uploaded the popular WiseCleaner products on VirusTotal to see their score, which is listed below.

Products Name

VirusTotal Score

Wise Care 365


Wise Anti Malware


Wise Data Recovery


Wise Folder Hider


Wise Driver Care


Wise Registry Cleaner


VirusTotal Review of Wise Care 365

We checked the most popular products of WiseCleaner on VirusTotal, and they don't have any detection. It is clear that WiseCleaner products are safe and have no infection. However, how efficiently they work on your computer is still a question. VirusTotal only tells us the product have malware infection or not.

Problems Faced in Past

At the end of January 2015, WiseCleaner faced an attack on their web servers. After the hack, when users tried to access website from the mobiles, it redirects them to another site. The problem was not with the desktop users. WiseCleaner released the official statement that they have corrected the damage caused by the hackers and website is opening normally. They also said that there had been no damage to their software products. 

The above hack was not meant to infect the software installers on the servers. So we can say WiseCleaner products were safe. 

Several users are questioning the authenticity of the products on the forums. They are merely unsure whether they should trust WiseCleaner products or not. The other user's response on forums is positive. They are saying the product is safe to use. However, they also noted that most WiseCleaner products are not necessary.

User Opinions

On MalwareTips forum a poll was conducted asking "Is WiseCleaner Safe?" 89.4% people said Yes, and 12.8% said No. Users who have personally used WiseCleaner products they are saying its reliable and safe to use.

WiseCleaner User Review 1

User starchild76 said - 

WiseCleaner User Review 2

Another user Trickster said that he trusts WiseCleaner products except registry cleaner. However, he did not mention the reason.

WiseCleaner User Review 3

Most users on online forums are trusting WiseCleaner products.

Company Info and Reputation

WiseCleaner started their journey in 2005 by three young programmers. Since then they have been creating several software and utilities to help users to optimize their PC. Their mission is to develop affordable system tune-up utilities to increase the computer and internet experience to their customers. WiseCleaner products tune-up your computer and improve the performance similar to the new computer.

A software company running successfully for 13 years will never willingly include malware in their products. It is the reputation of the company that has led users to trust their products.


There is an extended range of WiseCleaner products. Next time when you need to download a tool download it from their official site, and you are good to go.

You can use it without worrying. If you still hesitate to install it then download and install MalwareFox antimalware and scan it. Keep its Real-Time protection on so that it can stop any malware from executing.

​Our Verdict: Safe

2 thoughts on “Are WiseCleaner Products Safe?”

  1. I do not know why, but the window 10 reports that in program wise Anti Malware there is a virus, Trojan horse.

    Whether it is an outbreak of virus from or quarantined or part of it?

  2. Sunil Gupta, India.
    I downloaded and used Wise Disc Cleaner but only for a short while. About four days ago, there was a red pop up from my Norton antivirus. Norton dealt with the problem which is when I found that it was my Wise Disc Cleaner that they had attended to. And had removed WDC from my system. The next day, I took the risk and downloaded Wise Disc again. Twice, once from their one side and once from Hippo’s site. Both downloads got the red pop-ups and were eventually wiped off my system. There is decidedly a problem. Or at least according to Norton.
    I have now downloaded another cleaner

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