Is ArcadePunks Safe?

ArcadePunks contains several old games ROM’s and Raspberry pi images to download and play. They have a vast collection of these arcade games. Several users want to try them recalling their old memory. However, they are not sure if ArcadePunks safe or not. It is due to the shady links and lots of banners of advertisements on their websites. People hesitate to trust them. In this article, we will discuss all the aspects of ArcadePunks that will tell you if you can trust them or not.

About ArcadePunks?

ArcadePunks lists the old games on their website. They have a massive listing on their website. You can download the ROM for any popular arcade game or can download the Raspberry Pi images to install them on your little machine. The site has a knowledge base area where you can learn how to install the ROM’s and Pi images on devices. ArcadePunks also has a section of Touchscreen PC apps and games. It has a vast collection of games; you can even find the game that you played in your childhood.

Is Arcade Punks Safe?

Is ArcadePunks Safe?

To determine if ArcadePunks Safe or not, we first assess why the safe question arises in the first step. ArcadePunks is like any other website, why people don’t seem to trust it? It is because in the past ArcadePunks follows some shady methods. It used Adfly advertisements on its website. The Adfly completely ruins the browsing experience and make the site look like a malicious one. That’s why people started to distrust it. Though they replaced Adfly with Google Adsense ads recently, users are still not trusting the ArcadePunks website. They reported the change on their website.

To know if the ArcadePunks is a spam website, I checked it on the VirusTotal website. No antivirus engines think that ArcadePunks is harmful. VirusTotal checks it on more than 70 antivirus engines, and none consider it malicious.

The downloads on the website will always a risk. If you pay enough attention, then there is no reason to worry. The downloads are offered as Torrent, so you should use a popular torrent client and VPN. Several torrent clients track users activity and create their profile. So I suggest that you use only trusted torrent clients. VPN helps you to use the torrent network with full anonymity.

Users Review

Some users who regularly use ArcadePunks, suggest that it is safe to use, and there is nothing to worry. However, few users suggest that you should stay cautious while using this website.

Below is a user to doesn’t consider the site as safe.

User Review 1

However, on the same thread, other users tell that it was the Adfly network that causes those problems. The site is safe to use.

User Review 2

Similarly, the below user telling that the website got a bad reputation due to the Adfly network. They have removed it, and the site is now working fine.

User Review 3


ArcadePunks is a website that offers the game ROMs and Raspberry Pi images. It lets you download these files over the torrent network. Earlier the site uses Adfly advertisements on its website to get some revenue that would assist their operation. The Adfly displays overlay ads such as pop-ups, banners, etc. It annoys the users and represents the ArcadePunks like a spam website. User’s started to distrust it. However, the Arcade Punks have now removed the Adfly and uses Google Adsense instead. The site is working fine and is absolutely safe.

However, you should always stay cautious while downloading a file from such websites. Do not trust blindly; use an antimalware that has real-time protection. Also, download the data using a trustworthy torrent client and always use a VPN while using the torrent.

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