Is APKMirror Safe?

APKMirror is a website that lets you download the android applications free of cost. However, being a third-party application vendor, it is always a concern if it is safe? Many people don’t find appropriate apps on the Google Play Store. So, they tend to download APKs from the third-party websites. Google doesn’t suggest that. The applications on the play store are appropriately checked and optimized. Time to time Google also removes applications that don’t follow the rules. You cannot get the same trust with third-party websites.

Is APKMirror Safe?

Are you trying to download an application from APKMirror that you don’t find on the play store? Then, you must be thinking is it safe? Here in this article, you will know.

About APKMirror

APKMirror was created by same people that are behind AndroidPolice, a popular portal for android news and helps. It started their journey in 2014. There are various Android applications on the APKMirror. If you don’t find a suitable application on the play store, you can get that here.

On APKMirror you can search an application by its name and its developer name. If you open an app, you will see detailed information about it. You can see the version detail, size, requirements, dpi, and the uploaded date. It also shows the info of signature that matches with the original application. You can download the app on your PC, or the mobile by scanning the QR code.

Is APKMirror Safe?

You can also subscribe to PushBullet to receive the alert when a new version is released. The option to subscribe is for a particular app or developer is also available.

Is APKMirror Safe?

APKMirror is user-uploaded application website. So, there is always a risk. However, APKMirror tells that they manually check every upload and make sure that the application is safe to use on your device. They match the certificates and files hashes to ensure that the file is secure to install and no one has tampered it. You can check this information on every application also. I think this much of precaution is enough. If you still have doubts then check the user’s reviews on various forums below.

User’s Reviews of APKMirror?

I searched various forums for APKMirror reviews, and there are no negative reviews about it. Either people trust it, or they simply don’t believe any other source than Play Store. To conclude the user’s rating, if you have to download the Android application other than play store, then APKMirror is the safest option.

Below are some users telling that they prefer downloading APKs from APKMirror.

APKMirror User Review 1

This user even tells that why should we trust APKMirror.

APKMirror User Review 2


The users upload the android applications on the APKMirror. So, anyone can temper the files and insert malicious code to steal our data and other things. However, to eliminate this risk APKMirror checks every APKs on their website and ensure that everything is correct. They have automated software that checks the file signature as well as staff that physically ensures that each application is safe to run on your device. If you are looking for an older version of an application or looking for an app that is not on play store, then APKMirror is your best choice. However, you should always prefer the Google Play Store.

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