AdBlock Vs Adblock Plus – Which one is Better?

AdBlock and Adblock Plus both are used to block the ads in websites. These programs help you to access the services without annoying ads. It also helps you to avoid the ads that contain malware code. Both programs are supposed to achieve the same objective with different features. Here in this article, we will know the working of these tools in details, and you will also know which one best suits you.

Most websites use third-party ad services, which makes them unable to enforce the quality of these ads. They also use some improper ways to display ads like skipping the content until you watch the ad. They put lots of ads on the pages than the real content. It annoys users at the other end, and they come to use ad blocking programs.

AdBlock vs Adblock Plus


Michael Gundlach created AdBlock extension for Google Chrome. This extension was inspired by Adblock Plus which was available on Firefox browsers then. First, AdBlock was only available on Google Chrome but when it gains popularity on the Chrome platform the developer make its open to other platforms.

AdBlock is a most popular extension on Google Chrome store. AdBlock claims to have 200 million downloads. The ratings on the Chrome store for this extension is 4.5 out of 5, which tells us how much popular is this extension.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus was first created for the Firefox platform. It was the first proper ad blocking program for a browser. When its gains popularity on the Firefox platform, then they make it available for other popular browsers. It is an open source tool that was initially developed by a community of coders.

On Chrome store Adblock Plus claims to have 500 million users, but when it comes to rating only half of users than AdBlock have rated for this extension. It has 4.4 out of 5 ratings.

Features of AdBlock

AdBlock for Chrome offers multiple of useful features. You can create a whitelist of websites where you don’t want to block the ads. Also, when you click on AdBlock extension icon, it displays the number of blocked ads in Total and on the current page. Some other handy options can be accessed from here like Pause on the current page or pause on all website. It also enables you to quickly ad a page or whole site to the whitelist.

AdBlock Features

To explore more features, we clicked on the options button. The options page has four categories General, Filter Lists, Customize, and Support. AdBlock has a wide range of features and options. Novice computer users may not be able to grasp all the features. However, they can easily use the extension because it works automatically and doesn't require any configuration to start.

AdBlock doesn’t block all the ads by default. It allows some non-intrusive advertisements. The logic of introducing this feature is to help some web creators who don’t mix advertisements and content. However, you can disable this feature and can block all the ads entirely. This feature is available on the General tab of the options page.

AdBlock Options Page

Also, AdBlock adds some features on the right click menu. If you have to block a particular ad, then right click on that ad and hover your mouse on AdBlock and choose Block this ad. Filter Lists and Customize option of this extension is tricky and need expert knowledge to tweak the settings.

Features of Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus also offers similar kinds of features like AdBlock, but its options page is simple. When you click on the extension icon, it shows the number of blocked ads in total and on the current page. Unlike AdBlock, it doesn’t display lots of options for adding the site or page to the whitelist. However, there is a simple checkbox Enable on this site. When you uncheck this box, the website gets added to the whitelist, and it starts displaying ads.

Adblock Plus Features

The options page of Adblock Plus is arranged in a way that an average user can understand and change the settings according to their use. Like AdBlock, Adblock Plus also allows some ads to support the website owners by default. You can disable this feature by un-checking the box of Allow Acceptable Ads. This option is available on the General tab of the settings page.

The options page is divided into four parts General, Whitelisted Websites, Advanced, and Help. Whitelisting websites is easy here, we need to enter the URL and click on Add Website. Advanced tab is also arranged in a way that an intermediate user can change some settings.

Adblock Plus Options Page

Adblock Plus also adds a right click option to block an annoying image, slideshow, or video. If you see some annoying things on a page then right click on it and click on Block element. That element gets hidden from that page. However, this feature has some bug and doesn't work all the time.

Which one is Better?

Well, when it comes to comparing both extensions, they both are fully functional and feature-rich extensions. AdBlock and Adblock Plus support similar features. They both display statistics, and they both allow exceptions. However, when it comes to user interface Adblock Plus is better than AdBlock. The options in Adblock Plus are managed in a good way. So if you are a novice user, then Adblock plus is an excellent choice for you, but if you are a person who likes to tweak settings a lot and loves to have multiple options, then AdBlock is the best choice for you. AdBlock displays lots of options than Adblock Plus.

When it comes to the effectiveness, both extensions follows same filter lists to block the ads. The people behind Adblock Plus manage the Easy List that lists the ads to block and allow. Both extensions use the same directory. So, if one extension is preventing an ad, then the other will also block it, and if one is allowing an advertisement to display, then you will see it with another extension.

Performance wise, it has been noticed that AdBlock is a little sluggish when it comes to working on multiple tabs, where Adblock Plus is a little faster when you work on lots of tabs.

The Closing Statement

Ads are used to generate revenue online and offline; it is a way to earn the livelihood for many publishers. It is not right to block ads morally as many lives depend on it. However, many websites only concentrate on displaying advertisement rather than content. They follow illicit practices to maximize the click on the ads. Also, there are lots of sites on the internet who inject malicious codes with the ads. In such cases using an ad blocker seems fine.

There are also several reports that ad blocker tools like AdBlock and Adblock Plus receive money from big advertisers to allow their ads. This also does not seem right. Money can’t decide which ad is intrusive and which is non-intrusive. There should be a fair policy and organization behind this.

Lots of content creators spend hours of time to create excellent and informative content for users. If everyone starts using Ad blockers they will not get paid. In such situation, I can say we should use ad blockers on the websites that we don’t trust and allow others to earn few bucks.

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