3 Steps to Remove Idle Buddy Virus Completely

Idle Buddy is a severe threat that enables your computer to mine the cryptocurrency. Hackers develop and distribute such a program that seems to do something else, but in reality, they use the system resources to mine the cryptocurrency for their developers. Idlebuddy is a similar program that is categorized as a trojan.

To make sure that you don’t have this cunning virus in your PC, check the C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) folders. If you find the ibservice.exe file in one of the folders and Task Manager with the name of IdleBuddy, then your PC is infected with this trojan. We will provide you instructions to delete Idle Buddy virus.

What Idle Buddy Virus does?

The IdleBuddy virus is a cryptocurrency mining software. Cybercriminals create and spread it so that they can mine cryptocurrency using the other computers. To mine cryptocurrency, you need to solve complex mathematical problems using the computer. The more crypto is generated, the more complex the problem becomes. That’s the reason the cryptocurrency miner uses large machines with massive processors. The cybercriminals have found the way to mine the crypto using the computers of other users.

Idle Buddy Crypto Virus Removal Guide

They create programs like Idle buddy and spread it with the help of software bundling. Once it reaches to someone else’s computer it starts mining the crypto; the user won’t know anything other than feeling that their PC is getting slower. This program uses your processor and memory to mine the cryptocurrency for the hackers. Your system alone might not be enough to mine significant crypto, but what about thousands of infected PCs with Idle Buddy? They can easily produce a good fortune for their makers.

How does Idle Buddy enter in my System?

There are several ways hackers could use to spread the crypto miners. However, software bundling is the most used and popular method. Cybercriminals bundles the crypto miners like idle buddy with other free or pirated software. Then they upload it to the software downloading websites.

When you download such software on your PC, you also download the trojan. Then you infect your PC with this virus once you install that software. The main objective of this trojan is to not look like a virus, thats why they use a catchy name and gives some feature that seems useful to the user.

What Damage can Idle Buddy do?

Idle Buddy doesn’t spoil your data, and it doesn’t track your activity like other malware, but it is dangerous to your computer hardware. Below are some problems you may face with Idle Buddy Cryptovirus.

  • Your PC will get sluggish, and you won’t perform even regular jobs on it.
  • It will become hot due to high processor usage.
  • The PC will auto turn off due to high CPU temperature.
  • The Idle Buddy could even damage the CPU or other parts of your computer.

These are the serious risks that you don’t want to take. So remove IdleBuddy right now.

How to Uninstall Idle Buddy Virus?

You need to Uninstall the Idle Budy from Control Panel and then delete its remaining files. Then you need to scan your PC with a strong antimalware that could detect and remove the infections.

Step 1- Stop Idle Buddy in Task Manager

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc button together, It will open the Task Manager.

Go to the Details tab, and find the ibservice.exe process.

End Task

Now select the process and click on End task.

Step 2 – Uninstall Idle Buddy

Press the Windows button and R key to open the run dialog.

Now type appwiz.cpl and click OK.

Uninstall Programs 1

Now the list of all programs installed on your computer opens. Locate the Idle Buddy, Right click on it and choose Uninstall.

Uninstall Programs 2

Now follow the screen instructions to remove it.

Step 3 – Delete the Remaining Files of VProtect

Once you uninstalled the VProtect Application, it is time to remove the remaining files of this app, so that it cannot appear again.

Visit C:\Program Files and locate IdleBuddy/Idle Buddy folder and delete it. If you don’t find it there, then check it in the C:\Program Files (x86).

Remove Remaining Files

Now press Win+R button and type %temp% and press OK button.

You will see Temporary files, press Ctrl+A to select all the files and press Shift+Del button to delete them.

Step 4 – Run MalwareFox Antimalware to Clean your PC

Download MalwareFox Antimalware.

Open the installer and follow the screen instructions to install it.

Now MalwareFox will update the program and the signatures.

MalwareFox Updating Signature

Once it is completed, press the Scan button.

Scan with MalwareFox 1

Press Next button to clean all threats from your PC.

Scan with MalwareFox 3

Now you have successfully removed the Idle Buddy Crypto Miner virus. To stay protected further, keep the real-time protection of MalwareFox enabled and never install software from untrusted sources. If you need to install free software, then visit the official website and then download it from there.

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