How to Remove Cloudfront Virus from Android

Cloudfront is designed to hijack the settings of the browser in Android smartphone. However, it can also attack the iPhone and Windows phone and PC. The main task of this virus is to hijack the settings and redirect users to their client’s pages to generate revenue. It affects popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. And usually, it hijacks homepage, new tab, and default search engine settings. Here in this article, you will see how to remove virus from your Android smartphone.

What is the Cloudfront Virus and How it works? is a malicious website; it hijacks the settings of the browsers. The main task for this virus is to take you to advertisement pages through redirects or injecting the ads on the pages you visit. changes the homepage, new tab, and search engine of your browsers to its address. So when you open the browser, you will see its address which has several ads. Also, when you search for something, it records your search query and then alters the search results by inserting malicious links.

CloudFront also tracks your online activity. It records your search query, browsing history, IP address, location, and some hardware software information. The information you enter in your Android’s browser is going to the C&C servers of CloudFront virus. You will receive personalized ads based on this information. They also sold it to the third-party clients who may use your information for marketing purposes or any other illicit activities like identity theft. That’s the reason we recommend that you remove CloudFront from your Android right now.

How does Cloudfront enter in your Smartphone?

Cloudfront usually takes help of other applications to enter in your PC. You won’t even realize which app leads the hijacker to your device. Cybercriminals create such hijackers and bundle them with some free apps that seem to do something meaningful. Then they upload it to the third-party apk downloading websites. When users download and install such apps, they also install the hijacker in their android phone.

So, it is always recommended to not install applications from the third-party websites. The only best available source for you is the Android Play Store. Google constantly monitor the apps and their functionality to determine malicious apps and remove them from the store. However, you cannot be sure that a particular app is safe even in the play store. It is advisable to use common sense and read a little more about the app before installing it on your device.

How to Remove CloudFront from Android?

To remove CloudFront from an Android device, you need to go through a few complicated steps. Also, it is going to take some time in following the steps. You can visit the automatic method to remove the CloudFront.

Step 1 – Clear the Browsers Data

If you use Google Chrome on the Android or any other browser, you need to follow the same steps. If you have this problem with multiple browsers, then repeat the same steps with other browsers.

Go to the Settings > Storage > Other apps > Chrome

Remove Malware from Android Step-1-1

Then Tap on Clear Storage and Clear Cache.

Remove Malware from Android Step-1-2

Step 2 – Remove Suspicious Apps

Now you need to remove the suspicious apps that introduced the hijacker in your device. All you have to do is to look for recently installed applications and remove unwanted applications.

Go to Settings> Apps & notifications > See All Apps> Tap on the Suspicious Apps

Remove Malware from Android Step-2

Then tap on Uninstall and confirm the removal.

Remove Malware from Android Step-2-2

If you see the Uninstall button is greyed out, it means the option is disabled. The app should have got the device administrator privileges. To remove it go back to Settings > Security & location > Device admin apps

Remove Malware from Android Step-3

Then tap on the Toggle button to remove the app from the administrator privilege, then uninstall it.

Automatically Remove Cloudfront Virus from Android

To remove Cloudfront virus from the Android smartphone, you need to take help of a strong antimalware MalwareFox. It will automatically scan the apps and removes the infected ones from your device.

Download MalwareFox Antimalware for Android

Tap on the Menu button, then choose Settings, then enable the options as shown in the image below.

Scan with MalwareFox Android 1

Now go back and tap on Full Scan.

Scan with MalwareFox Android 2

Once the scan is completed, remove the detected threats. You have successfully removed the virus from your Android device. Keep enabled the MalwareFox’s real-time protection feature to protect your device from such threats in the future.

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