How to Remove “Click Allow” Pop-up Scam

Click Allow button pop-up scam is trending these days. This feature was introduced by browsers so that users can know when their favorite website publishes new content. However, cybercriminals are misusing this feature. They are telling users to click on Allow button to view the content in the site or view the video. In reality, when you click on Allow button, the browser gets your permission to display the notification from that website. Don’t think that you will get notified of some great stuff. These notifications may lead to a site that can further damage your computer with severe threats.

Usually, these kinds of websites start appearing when your computer gets infected with browser redirects, browser hijacker, or adware. This infection redirects you to such site. The website keeps asking for your permission until you click on Allow.

A genuine website asks your permission to display notification; they did not blackmail you. Click on Allow otherwise content will not be displayed. It is the primary characteristic of this scam. When you often start seeing such kind of blackmailing close the website and follow instructions in the article to clean your computer.

Types of "Click Allow" Pop-up Scam

The Click Allow button Pop-up scam is a type of social engineering attacks that trick users to subscribe for notification. These tricks can be any kind, but we have found three commons which we are listing below –

1. To access the content, click Allow

The adware on your computer causes the redirects, and it leads you to a website that asks you “To access the content, click Allow.” 

This kind of website also has a message in case you are accessing it from mobile which says – “If you are 18+ tap Allow”. Most users don’t understand the scam and click on Allow button. It doesn’t display the content but will make you view and handle the notifications of malicious websites.

To access the content, click Allow scam

2. Just one more step! ‘Allow’ to continue

The other type of scam messages with such website is “Just one more step! ‘Allow’ to continue”. Users think it is mandatory to click on Allow button and they click on it.

Just one more step! Allow to continue Scam

3. Click the Allow button to watch the video

The third most common social engineering trick to take permission of users to display notification is displaying the message “Click the Allow button to watch the video.” The website makes you click on the Allow button so that you can watch the video.

It also displays a video player saying “Can’t play the video! Perhaps your browser doesn’t allow video playback. Please click the allow button to watch the video.” They show it so that user doesn’t smell anything fishy. There is no video to play; you didn’t want to play any video in the first place so why to click on allow.

Click Allow to Watch Video Scam

What Harms it can do?

Click Allow button Pop-up scam does not just display notification; it is a sign of loophole in your computer security. Below are the possible harms this scam can do-

  • Display lots of notification and redirects you to other websites which ruin your browsing experience.
  • Can lead to malicious sites that can further infect your PC with severe threats like ransomware, Trojan, keylogger, spyware, rootkits, and even zero-day malware.
  • The adware causing the redirects could track your online activity and report it to its makers. Information like browsing history, search history, IP address, location, hardware, and software is at stake.
  • Crosshairs
    It eats lots of RAM and processor which make your PC slow to respond.

How to Stop Notification Pop-ups in the Browsers

You can stop Click Allow to show notification request from the browsers. Follow the below steps to block it –

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Click on Menu button and then click on Settings

Stop Click Allow Notification from Chrome 1

Scroll down and click on the Advanced button

Stop Click Allow Notification Scam from Chrome 2

Now click on Content settings under Privacy and security section.

Stop Click Allow Notification Scam from Chrome 3

Content settings will open now click on Notifications.

Stop Click Allow Notification from Chrome 4

Now slide the toggle button to left so that it comes to Blocked instead of Ask before sending (recommended)

Stop Click Allow Notification from Chrome 5

The websites you have already permitted to display notification will still show it. To stop it, scroll down to Allow section and click on the menu button against websites you want to stop the notification and click on Block.

Stop Click Allow Notification from Chrome 6

How to Remove "Click Allow" Notification

The first reason which leads you to such websites that do the notification scam is you have an infection of a malware that is redirecting you to such sites. To remove this infection follow the below steps-

Step 1 - Scan with MalwareFox Antimalware

MalwareFox antimalware is a robust security suite that effectively detects and removes different kinds of malware including adware, browser hijackers, redirects, etc.

Open the installer

MalwareFox Installation 1

Click Yes on User Account Control Prompt

MalwareFox Installation 2

Choose your preferred language and click Ok.

MalwareFox Installation 3

Click Next

MalwareFox Installation 4

Read and Accept the agreement and click Next.

MalwareFox Installation 5

Select the installation location and click Next.

MalwareFox Installation 6

Select Additional Tasks and click Next.

MalwareFox Installation 7

MalwareFox will install, and it will update the signatures from the database.

MalwareFox Installation 8

Once it completes the update, click on Scan.

Scan with MalwareFox 1

Click on Next when the scan gets completed.

Scan with MalwareFox 3

Step 2 – Remove Unwanted Programs from Control Panel

The adware responsible for redirecting you on such scam websites gets to enter in your computer with the help of third-party software. So, you need to remove such software from your computer. Follow the instructions to remove them –

Click on Cortana Search and type Control Panel and click on it from the results.

Remove Unwanted Programs 1

Now click on Uninstall a program under Programs section.

Remove Unwanted Programs 2

You will see the list of all installed programs. Now right click on each unwanted program and click Uninstall. Follow the screen instructions to remove it from your PC.

How to Stay Away from "Click Allow" Pop-up Scam

Once you removed all the infection, it is time to think about not getting in such trouble again. Follow below guidelines to stay away from Click Allow notification pop-up scam.

  • Do not install free or pirated software from untrusted websites.
  • Do not visit rogue websites that offer malicious products such as torrents, porn, pirated software, etc.
  • Do not click on the links of a spam email.
  • Check Circle
    Never click on Allow button unless you want to see the notifications even when your browser is closed.
  • Check Circle
    Install an excellent antimalware like MalwareFox to avoid malware infection. Enable its real-time protection so that it can stop such notorious threats from entering in your computer.

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