How to Remove Malware from Chrome Browser (in 3 Simple Steps)

Google Chrome is the most popular browser. A large number of users are using Chrome browser. This is the reason why cybercriminals target Chrome browser. There are lots of malware that infects and ruins your browsing experience.

The malware can be in form of pop-up ads, redirects, browser hijackers, adware, etc. From redirecting you to an unknown page to stealing your credit card information they are capable of doing anything. If you are seeing a suspicious behavior by chrome then you might be infected with a malware.

Here in this article, we will see how to remove malware from Chrome browser and make it fresh and fast, but first, check if Chrome has a malware?

How to Know that Chrome has a Malware?

If the Chrome browser is behaving suspiciously it might be infected with a malware. Further symptoms of a malware infection are…

  • Unwanted Pop-up Ads
  • Redirection to an unknown page
  • Different homepage/new tab and search engine.
  • Unable to change the settings
  • Slow loading of a website
  • The frequent crash of pages and browser

If you are facing any of the above symptoms on your browser, you might be infected with a malware. Follow the below 3 Step guide to remove it.

Step 1 – Delete Unwanted Extensions from Chrome

The prime way of entering a malware in Chrome is using extensions. With the help of the extension, cybercriminals can steal all your data that you enter in the browser. It can display pop-ups, can redirect you to any page, can hijack the settings of the browser. So, in the first step of malware removal, we are going to remove such extensions that we don’t remember adding and those we don’t use.

1. Click on Chrome Menu button and hover the mouse over More tools, now click on Extensions.

Remove Malware from Chrome 1

2. A page will open with all the extension chrome browser has. Now, look carefully, which extension is reliable and which not. Delete all unreliable extensions by clicking on Remove button. I suggest you keep the least number of extension, it will increase the overall performance of the browser.

Remove Malware from Chrome 2

3. Now confirm the action by clicking on Remove button.

Remove Malware from Chrome 3

Step 2 – Remove Malware by Running Chrome Cleanup Tool

Google is aware that you might infect the Chrome with malware. This is the reason they developed Chrome Cleanup Tool. This tool searches your computer for harmful software that may infect your browsing experience. It searches for adware, pop-up ads, redirects, malicious URL in the settings page, etc.

Earlier you needed to download Chrome Cleanup Tool separately and run it, but now in recent Chrome update, Google has built it into the Chrome browser. You don’t need to download it separately, just visit the settings page and run it from there. To run Chrome Cleanup Tool follow the below steps…

1. Click on Chrome Menu button, and click Settings.

Chrome Cleanup Tool - Remove Malware

2. The settings page will open, scroll down to the end of the page and click on Advanced.

Chrome Cleanup Tool 2

3. Now again scroll down to the end of the page, here you will see Reset and Clean up section. Now click on Clean up Computer.

Chrome Cleanup Tool 3

4. Now click on FIND against Find and remove harmful software.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

5. It will take some time to look for malicious software, on my browser it didn’t find any harmful software.

Chrome Cleanup Tool to remove Malware

6. If it does find a harmful software, click Remove to remove it. You can also see what files will be removed. To see click on Details, and then click on Show files to be removed and then click Remove.

Step 3 – Scan your Computer with MalwareFox Anti-Malware

The Chrome Cleanup Tool will only look for malware that directly affects Chrome browser. It will not be able to find such malware that is deeply embedded in your system. To do that, you need the help of the strong anti-malware.

MalwareFox anti-malware scan your PC for Malicious software, browser hijackers, adware programs, suspicious browser settings, trojans, ransomware, keyloggers, spyware, and even zero-day malware. It is a strong security suite against all modern threats. To scan your computer with MalwareFox follow the below steps…

1. Download MalwareFox installer on your computer. Its installer is of just 5 MB that quickly downloads within a minute.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 1

2. Install MalwareFox, open the installer and choose your preferred language and accept the Terms, then follow the procedure, in the few clicks it will install and then update to latest version. Now it will download recent signatures from the server.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 2

3. Now click on Scan button and let it scan your computer. The scan process doesn’t allocate much of your system resources. You can even continue doing your work while it looks deeply for malware on your computer.

Scan with MalwareFox - How to Remove Any Browser Hijacker

4. Once the scan gets complete, it will display all the findings. Click on Next to remove all malware. The Chrome browser will be closed for clean up. Now restart the Chrome and check the performance.

MalwareFox Scan Results

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