Fix: Google has found a serious virus on Android system

Did you face a warning about the detection of a virus on your Android phone? You could face it while browsing the internet on Chrome or any other browser. It could also appear as a pop-up in your smartphone. The warning generally includes the text, “Google has found a serious virus on Android System” Click on the button to remove the threats or take action. If you have received such a warning, then don’t panic and click anywhere the message asks you to do. It is a fake message that wants to create fear and make you install a trojan that comes as an antimalware tool. Continue reading to know more about this warning and how to fix it.

What is “Google has found a serious virus on Android system”?

Google is not an antivirus that has detected viruses on your Android phone. If there is a virus in your system, then the antivirus application you have installed on your device will recognise it. So including the name of the Google in this warning message tells that it is fake. However, the name of Google make a severe impact on the people who have less technical knowledge; they consider it genuine.

Fix Google has found a serious virus on Android system

This warning message is created to fool users and leads them to install malware on their device. When the user takes it seriously, then click on the link or button to remove the virus. Then the message leads them to download and install malware on their smartphone.

The warning message, “Google has found a serious virus on Android system”, comes as a pop-up in the browser and creates a loop. The loop doesn’t allow you to close the tab easily. Sometimes, users also hear the warning message in the audio form. It scares the users and makes them believe that their Android smartphone has a real virus.

Once the user starts following the message, they could infect their device with severe threats such as spyware, adware, ransomware, trojans, etc. You should not believe in this scam and try to close the browsers tab.

How the Warning Message Appear on your Android Device?

There could be two possible reasons that this warning message appears on your device. It could be due to adware infection or visiting some rogue websites. Some websites on the internet redirect users to such fraud pages. When you tap on their page, several new tabs will open, and you will see such fake warning messages. To avoid such scam messages, all you can do is that you stop visiting such websites. However, if there is an adware infection that is displaying such messages, then you need to take action to remove it.

The page that displays the warning of “Google has found a serious virus on Android system”, usually hijacks the settings of your browser. It replaces your homepage, new tab, and search engine. So, whenever you open your browser or a new tab, you see the warning message. It completely ruins your browsing experience and almost doesn’t let you browse the internet.

How to Fix: Google has found a serious virus on Android system?

To fix this issue, you need to remove the browser hijacker from all the browsers and then scan the phone using an excellent antimalware that could detect and remove different kind of malware from your device.

Step 1 – Delete Data & Clear Cache of the Browser

If you use Google Chrome on the Android or any other browser, you need to follow the same steps. If you have this problem with multiple browsers, then repeat the same steps with other browsers.

Go to the Settings > Storage > Other apps > Chrome

Remove Malware from Android Step-1-1

Then Tap on Clear Storage and Clear Cache.

Remove Malware from Android Step-1-2

Step 2 – Remove Suspicious Apps

Now you need to remove the suspicious apps that introduced the hijacker in your device. All you have to do is to look for recently installed applications and remove unwanted applications.

Go to Settings> Apps & notifications > See All Apps> Tap on the Suspicious Apps

Remove Malware from Android Step-2

Then tap on Uninstall and confirm the removal.

Remove Malware from Android Step-2-2

If you see the Uninstall button is greyed out, it means the option is disabled. The app should have got the device administrator privileges. To remove it go back to Settings > Security & location > Device admin apps

Remove Malware from Android Step-3

Then tap on the Toggle button to remove the app from the administrator privilege, then uninstall it.

Step 3 – Scan with MalwareFox Antimalware

To fix the issue of “Google has found a serious virus on Android system,” you need to take help of a strong antimalware MalwareFox. It will scan the apps and removes the infected ones from your device.

Download MalwareFox Antimalware for Android

Tap on the Menu button, then choose Settings, then enable the options as shown in the image below.

Scan with MalwareFox Android 1

Now go back and tap on Full Scan.

Scan with MalwareFox Android 2

Once the scan is completed, remove the detected threats. You have successfully removed the malware and hijacker from your Android device that was displaying the message, “Google has found a serious virus on Android system.”Keep enabled the MalwareFox’s real-time protection feature to protect your device from such threats in the future.

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