Remove can further threaten the system is not be eliminated promptly. Aside from the fact that this malware can automatically add onto your Mac OS X system, this can also initiates several changes within your browser settings.

Threat Summary

Type: Adware
Brief Description: Adware are unwanted programs that can pose serious threats on Mac computer.


If you think your computer is still safe if it was invaded by and not infected by virus, you’re wrong. When added on your web browser, there are a lot of threats that your computer may encounter. Its presence may lead to unauthorized changes of the default home page, and search engine to Whenever this adware gained spot on the machine, threats are surely there as well. was distinguished as source of many other issues. This can make machine more sensitive for infections. This can even reduce level of personal security. Author of strive for a higher earnings. It exploits your machine to deliver a huge number of online advertisements. The unwanted ads you see and browser redirect you encounter are mainly the effects. It is some of the wreck that may provoke to bring in other issues and even viruses.

Good thing that dealing with is not entirely helpless. As soon as you know that this adware exist, you just have to know what step to take. For a safer browser and computer, there is no other way than to get rid of

The most important thing that one needs to do to prevent attack is to very watchful when installing free software. The large number of victims obtained this malware through this approach. Cyber crooks often use bundled software to confused users and lead them installing the program they did not choose. In addition, you have to be proactive against more risky or the unseen enemy. Do keep your software updated and do have a reliable anti- virus software.

Procedures to Remove

Removal steps on this page will help you get rid of the threat effectively using tools and virus scanners. Please make sure that you will carry out the guide in exact order.

Remove from Safari browser

1. Open Safari browser.

2. Go to Safari menu.

3. Choose "Preferences".

Safari Menu

4. This will open the Safari settings dialog box.

5. Please select "Extensions" tab to see list of installed extensions.

6. Select from the list. If not found, it may be hiding under a different name. Look for unknown or suspicious item.

7. Turn off the extension by removing the Check Mark on the box beside "Enable extension". You can also Uninstall the extension if you need to permanently remove it from the computer.

8. Please close Safari browser at the moment and proceed to the next procedure.

Manually delete all files dropped by the adware

1. Navigate the Apple Menu bar and click on "Go". Then, select "Go to Folder".

Go to Folder

2. Copy and paste, or type the following line in the field and press Enter on your keyboard:


3. LaunchAgents folder should open at this point. Look for items with the following file name:

  • .com.
  • .com.SoftwareUpdater.agent.plist

4. Move each file to the Trash. This action may require administrator privilege. If you are not logged in as administrator, you need to provide required password.

5. Go to a different folder again using procedure from Step 1 and copy and paste or type the following line:


6. Do the same process as in Step 3 and move each file to the Trash.

7. Next, we need to look at Application Support folder. Using the same method as above. Go to this location:

~/Library/Application Support

8. Find the same files as in Step 3 and drag them to the Trash.

9. Go back to Apple Menu and then select Applications from the drop-down list.

Go to Apps

10. Delete the following folders just in case they do exist.


Note: Malware may use alternative names instead of to mislead security programs as well as users. If in case the above list is not present, please look for unfamiliar or suspicious items containing the same extension as update.plist, ltvbit.plist, and download.plist.

Scan with MBAM to easily get rid of

1. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac from the link below.

MBAM for Mac

2. Drag the downloaded file MBAM-Mac-[version].dmg to Applications folder.

3. Under Applications folder, right-click on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and select "Open" from the given choices.

4. After opening the tool, click on the "Scan" button to start checking the computer for presence of and other malware.


5. When scanning is done, the tool will display all identified threats. Be sure to select malicious items.

6. Click on "Remove Selected Items" to delete the threats.

Scan Result

We hope that the procedures and removal tool on this page was able to help you in removing Your computer should now be malware free.
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