Avast aswMBR – Download and Usage Guide

Avast aswMBR is a program developed to find and remove viruses and rootkits from the computer. It targets certain items like MBRoot, Whisler, TDL4/3 that is common to most computer infection. It may also detect and remove infection closely related to targeted rootkits. In such cases, removing these infections likely resolves major computer problems.

You must be aware that Avast aswMBR is not a typical anti-virus program. This tool is stand-alone virus and rootkit cleaner that removes specific type of infection. Avast aswMBR have no feature that can protect the system against any kind of threats. Furthermore, rootkits can conceal itself once inside the PC and may gain unauthorized access even on your most secured files. This is the reason why Avast aswMBR was created, to deal with this kind of attack.

When running Avast aswMBR, it displays basic console which makes it a user-friendly type of tool that do not require advance technical skills. Just the basic buttons are shown to start scanning and fix problems on the computer. For advanced users, Avast aswMBR provides logging features that reveals complete records of malware that has infected the computer.

Scanning with Avast aswMBR only takes little of your time. Its fast and efficient scan engine makes this tools an essential one when you want to resolve computer virus infection quickly.



Where to Download

Always obtain a copy of Avast aswMBR from legitimate sources only. Save the file to a convenient location such as your desktop. If you will be using this tool to another computer, we suggest placing it on a USB flash drive that has write-protect function.

Download Avast aswMBR

How to use Avast aswMBR

Avast aswMBR requires no installation. Just run the executable file to launch the program. Click the Scan button to start checking the computer for presence of viruses.

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Michael Andry - December 20, 2015

I found your link the day after the attack and not 24 hours earlier when I needed it. I don’t remember where I found it, While I was searching for leftover traces of Chrome and the attack, there your link was. I am very upset with Google; no warning or support…..NOTHING! Now my system is in serious trouble. And my OS disc is missing. Just not my day. I will have to build an OS disc to run SFC and/or do a reload. Malwarebytes and Hitman did a good job of cleaning house. Unfortunately, this happened just as I was going to the Malwarebytes site so I was running a default free version which has no real time protection. Between the two, they found in excess of 1735 infected files. And not to mention all of the files I deleted while doing manual removal of files. Google is so busy data mining on us that they do not have any real time protection for their source of bread and butter. They are as loveable and understanding as Microsoft or a Rattlesnake. At least a Rattlesnake gives fair warning. Chrome is removed and removed for good! Why does greed always win out? Thanks for listening! From “just another” Disabled American Veteran.


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