Remove PileFile Reminder – Virus Removal Guide

PileFile Reminder is a potentially unwanted program that may be installed on the computer without user’s approval. It arrives on the computer unexpectedly and can ruin various settings of the Internet browser. PileFile Reminder was specifically designed as ad-supported program thus some security experts categorized it as an adware.

During its presence on the computer, constantly pop-ups a message telling user of various available downloads. This adware also recommends certain types of programs from time-to-time, which most computer users find annoying.

PileFile Reminder is integrated into Google Chrome as an ‘Extension’, while on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, it is embedded as ‘Add-on’. Through this changes it has made on the browser, this unwanted program does not need your command to run on the PC. It is self-reliant and dependent on the affected browser.

PileFile Reminder

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