Avast Browser Cleanup

After downloading a program from the web and as soon as it is installed, you may realized that there are other programs injected into your computer, this is a sign that you are a victim of adware attack. Adware like hijacker, redirects, and tool bars are not as harmful as viruses and Trojans. However, you should not take it for granted. Knowing that malware authors are using adware to spread much malicious code, we highly encourage removal of the culprit program.

If the software gets installed with ease but giving you difficulty in removing, that is a sign that it belongs to adware group. In most instances, there is a little chance that you can uninstall adware same way how you remove normal programs from control panel of Windows. In these cases, you need a tool like Avast Browser Cleanup. It is a stand-alone tool that needs no installation. After downloading, you can run Avast Browser Cleanup from any media such as USB Flash Drive, CD, or External Memory.

Avast Browser Cleanup

Once you execute this tool from Avast, it instantly search the computer for presence of unwanted add-ons, extensions, or plug-ins. It is also capable of removing sticky tool bars and pop-up ads. Scan engine used by Avast Browser Cleanup is so fast yet effective. It scrutinizes browsers for presence of unwanted codes. Most importantly, the tool is capable of classifying good from bad add-ons or extension. Thus, it will ask for confirmation before it cleans up the browser for offending codes.


Where to Download

Be sure to download the tool from reputable web sites. Please save the file to a convenient location such as your Desktop. You can also save the file on removable drives and USB Flash Drive. Since this is a dedicated tool, there is no need to install any Avast! Product on the system to get it running.

Avast! Browser Cleanup Download Link

How to use Avast Browser Cleanup Tool

Scanning the computer with Avast Browser Cleanup Tool is fairly simple. Just download the file and save it to any desired location or drive. After downloading, double-click on the file to run. It automatically finds unwanted codes on your browser and prompt you to confirm the removal.