Remove Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus

Metropolitan Police Ukash virus ruins an infected computer by refusing user’s access. There are a number of variant for this threat and most of them targets regions in Europe. While most variants are deployed on that part of the world, Metropolitan Police Ukash intends to infect users worldwide. As of this writing, it intensely affects computer users in western part of the world particularly U.S. and Canada.

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FBI MoneyPak Virus

FBI MoneyPak virus will lock the computer allegedly due to involvement in illicit activities. It reports that you are downloading or distributing copyrighted material and other adult contents. To be able to unlock the PC, FBI MoneyPak demands you to pay a penalty ranging from $100 to as high as $200 within 72 hours.

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Remove Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus

Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus

Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash virus is a program that will lock the computer and blocks any files from running. Similar to ‘Fake Police’ ransom program that floods the Internet, this new one is also causing havoc to many computer users. However, instead of imitating government agencies, Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash virus settles to be a local warning, pretending to be part of the system.

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Remove Microsoft Windows Ukash

Microsoft Windows Ukash Virus

Microsoft Windows Ukash virus is another ransom Trojan that will pretend to be an act of penalty from Windows operating system. This virus will post a message on your desktop that bears the same background and logo as your system. By doing this, author of this ransom Trojan aims to mislead victim and assures them that they can resolve the issue by paying a fine of 100 Euros.

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