Remove Chatzum Search Hijacker

ChatZum Search ( tab is not cause by virus infection. New tabs from Internet browser that contains ChatZum Search are legitimate window originating from add-ons and plug-ins. Typically, user may acquire these add-ons when installing programs coming from third-party provider. In this case, ChatZum Search installer is embedded on a download program. During software installation, it may prompt user for this plug-in. However, due to fast-paced loading process, it is overlook most of the time.

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Remove Hijacker is a browser hijacker virus. This threat is commonly dropped by another Trojan infection on target computer through browser exploits and vulnerabilities. Once the computer is infected, the virus will modify certain settings on the computer. It will also replace the default homepage to Additionally, this infection may trigger a browser hijacker, which will point all search results to

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Remove Redirect Virus

An browser redirect or Gomeo virus will cause search result redirect on the affected computer. will modify system’s DNS settings and Hosts file that will result for browser to be redirected to web sites that may download potential threats on the PC. Gomeo virus also modifies Windows registry and disable security applications. This search engine redirect virus is harmful enough to make computer to stop functioning. System resources will be used for its own purpose and will degrade overall performance causing the PC to hang.

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Remove Internet Explorer Emergency Mode

Internet Explorer Emergency Mode pop-up is an unusual Internet Explorer error that was identified as part of a fake anti-virus program. It will instantly appear while user is browsing the Internet and disguise as a legitimate error. It will pretend to be a warning page when user tries to visit web sites that are linked to security software. Internet Explorer Emergency Mode also appears if user tries to visit web page that is included in the malware’s black list.

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Internet Explorer Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!

“Internet Explorer Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!” is a browser hijacker where computers infected with rogue program will be redirected. This hijacker page will appear whenever an Internet browser is opened or someone tries to navigate the web. Purpose of this fake error page is simply to promote the rogue software claiming that installing it will allow you to browse the web more securely.

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Attention! Your web page request has been cancelled.

“Attention! Your web page request has been cancelled.” is listed as one of browser hijacker that will be planted by rogue program Antivirus 7 on victims computer. This fake alert web page was intentionally designed to scare computer users on the status of the computer and will advise to activate the security software it is endorsing. The full message states:

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Remove Safe Internet Scanner

Safe Internet Scanner is a fake online virus scanner uploaded and operated by rogue program developer as a means of promoting their products. Once web users are redirected to “Safe Internet Scanner” web page, it will simulate a virus scan and will display false detection to scare computer users. The main goal of this web site is to mislead visitors into downloading what supposed to be an antivirus program. However, the site only provide rogue program that has sole intention of misleading you further.

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Remove My PC – Best Defence Scanner

My PC – Best Defence Scanner is a browser hijacker that mimics the Windows Explorer design to trick users that the virus scanning was done locally. “My PC – Best Defence Scanner” is a site designed and uploaded to redirect computer users to a malicious website to download rogue security programs as advised by the the warning messages. Users may arrive on this sites when viewing links from a search results generated when looking for a term “Security Tool.” 

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