Remove (Search Safer) is a browser hijacker virus that redirects your searches to unfamiliar address. Typically, you may have installed Search Safer program accidentally while loading other software. In fact, there are multimedia players that promote and install it by default alongside with the program. Although, it gives you an option to exclude the search bar when choosing Ďcustomí install.

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Remove Babylon Search Hijacker

Babylon Search Hijacker

Babylon Search ( is a browser hijacker that replaces your default home page with a search bar. However, creators of Babylon Search insist that it is an add-on for Internet browsers. In fact, it requires userís approval to be installed inside the computer. It comes bundled when installing other programs that you may download for free. Upon installation of the program, it prompts you whether you want to install it using the default settings or customized version. Most often, Babylon Search will get loaded into the system when selecting default installation method.

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Remove Chatzum Search Hijacker

ChatZum Search ( tab is not cause by virus infection. New tabs from Internet browser that contains ChatZum Search are legitimate window originating from add-ons and plug-ins. Typically, user may acquire these add-ons when installing programs coming from third-party provider. In this case, ChatZum Search installer is embedded on a download program. During software installation, it may prompt user for this plug-in. However, due to fast-paced loading process, it is overlook most of the time.

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