Remove PageRage Plug-in


Many computer users deemed PageRage as Facebook virus. In fact, PageRage is a tool that allows user to change or re-design profile pages. The fact that it allows user to have a user accounts and download the program indicates that manual intervention is required. User’s consent is sought before it can be loaded.

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Remove Yontoo Layers

Yontoo Layers

Yontoo Layers is a web application that dodgy web tools that may integrate itself into browser without your knowledge. Some of the unpopular products that are linked to it are Yontoo Layers Client, My Super Cheap, DropDownDeals, PageRage, Buzzdock, Super Profile, and Sanity Switch.

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Remove Browse to Save (Browse2Save)

Browse to Save Pop-up

“Browse to Save” is an adware program that slip in their ads while you are browsing merchant web sites or shopping online. The ads are in the form of pop-up containing certain links that are relevant to your interest. As you can see, “Browse to Save” monitors your browsing activity to be able to deliver relevant ads. As such, it is a trespasser to your privacy and appropriate to be called Browse2Save virus.

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Remove Privacy SafeGuard Extension

Privacy SafeGuard

Privacy SafeGuard extension and plug-in is marketed as privacy protection tool for Internet users. It is supposed to be a useful plug-in for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, but due to growing number of complains, it is now included in the category of adware programs. Being installed on the computer without user’s full knowledge also proves that Privacy SafeGuard extension is an intruder. It is aggressively put into the system by other adware that you may download from the Internet.

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Remove 1ClickDownloader


1ClickDownloader is promoted as a tool for fast and secure file download. Some people often call it as download manager tool. User may download this software directly from web site or from third party provider. There is an ongoing discussion whether 1ClickDownloader is a useful program or malware in disguise.

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Remove Facemoods Toolbar and Search

Facemoods Toolbar and Search is an add-on developed for Facebook, emails, and chat programs. It is created to enrich online experience. However, not all computer users are enticed into integrating this add-on into their browsers. In fact, many users are irritated with the Facemoods Toolbar and Search that it installs. You can have this plug-in from if you want to try.

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Remove Infomash Google Redirect

Infomash Google Redirect is considered as an adware program. It is commonly added to your system upon installing another program. Most of the time, it goes with multimedia player software. Aside from Infomash, other adware that may be included in the installation are Babylon and Mywebsearch. It affects Google Searches from browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

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Get rid of Media Finder

Media Finder is a program that most people begin to hate. Respected antivirus company also names it as Adware.Mediafinder (Symantec detection) and Gencrawler. In most antivirus scan, this useless program is detected as adware or program that installs itself without user’s full knowledge. To be able to run on the computer, Media Finder needs to be installed by the user. However, certain tricks of risky web sites will let you load the program by hiding it with other media tools.

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Remove Sweetpacks Toolbar and Search

Sweetpacks Search ( and Sweetpacks Toolbar is a typical adware program that may come bundled with other software you may download from distrusted server. Installing the preferred program also loads Sweetpacks Toolbar without asking for your consent. This approach allows the toolbar to be integrated to your Internet browser. Moreover, the adware will place some icons on the menu bar that may look useful, when in fact; you do not need them at all. It serves redundant function on the browser.

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Get rid of Smart PC Cleaner

Smart PC Cleaner Scan

Smart PC Cleaner is considering some people as a rogue security program. Some mentioned that the tool is a scam program that does nothing but to issue warning and alerts once inside on the PC. However, while scanning the computer that has Smart PC Cleaner installed, not every antivirus or anti-malware program flagged it as harmful. It came out in the clean list for some scans.

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