Remove Buzzdock Ads

Many computer users wanted to uninstall Buzzdock Ads because it is detected as an adware by some security program. This add-on for Internet browser was made possible with Addict-Thing plug-in. It is registered as Addict-Thing Class on Internet browser and performs as browser helper object (BHO). Unlike other unwanted add-ons, Buzzdock is not attuned to hijacking home page of the affected browser. It does not modify the search results and will never redirect it to unknown web sites.

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Remove Nsis:Adware-CJ [Pup]

Nsis:Adware-CJ [Pup] is a detection for a potentially unwanted program. This type of threat is unique and not a typical Trojan or virus. They are often called adware due to the traits it exhibits once installed on the computer. Normal acquisition of Nsis:Adware-CJ [Pup] is caused by downloading and installing third party software or unknown program. The threat is installed without user’s approval at the same time with the chosen software.

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Remove SearchYa Toolbar (

SearchYa is a toolbar is a toolbar that may be installed on browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Google Chrome. Once it is installed, it will change default homepage address to It may also modify search settings and set its own as the default. Every search item will get redirected to commercial web site, which is irrelevant to user’s search.

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Remove Widgi Toolbar

Widgi Toolbar is potentially unwanted software that will register itself as a toolbar for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. This adware will alter registry entries to make itself run automatically as Windows starts. Typically, Widgi Toolbar is installed on your browser as browser helper object (BHO). Also, you will find add-ons and plug-ins that is linked to this adware when looking over at your browser’s settings.

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