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Adware is an advertisement-supported software that normally gets installed on the computer via deceptive means. This program automatically displays advertising materials and has the primary goal of generating online profit.

Remove Nsis:Adware-CJ [Pup]

Nsis:Adware-CJ [Pup] is a detection for a potentially unwanted program. This type of threat is unique and not a typical Trojan or virus. They are often called adware due to the traits it exhibits once installed on the computer. Normal acquisition of Nsis:Adware-CJ [Pup] is caused by downloading and installing third party software or unknown program. The threat is installed without user’s approval at the same time with the chosen software. Continue reading


Remove Fast Save Extension in Google Chrome

Fast Save is an extension for Google Chrome, which is also an Add-on for Mozilla Firefox. We cannot consider it a computer virus since it has diverse characteristics. With the installation of Fast Save on Internet browser without user’s full knowledge, it might be reasonable to tag it as an adware program. This extension is a very invasive type of code that installs itself when you attempt to download Torrent file from peer-to-peer networks.

When Fast Save extension is installed on Chrome or Firefox browsers, user may observe random ads appearing on every visited web site. It overlay small ads at the bottom of images on web pages users are viewing. Users may even disrupt by annoying pauses while watching on YouTube and other video streaming web sites.

Mostly affected by this Fast Save image advertisements are web site owners. Unwanted ads may compete with legitimate ads placed on the web site. Moreover, it affects the performance of the site, which tends to load the page slower than usual. The same reason caused some panic lately for web site owners. They think that malware have affected the sites and scripts are appended to every page to be able to load the advertisement.

Knowing that issue lies behind the Fast Save Internet browser extension, we created a short tutorial to remove the unwanted extension. See the complete guide below.

Delete Fast Save


Remove SearchYa Toolbar (

SearchYa is a toolbar is a toolbar that may be installed on browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Google Chrome. Once it is installed, it will change default homepage address to It may also modify search settings and set its own as the default. Every search item will get redirected to commercial web site, which is irrelevant to user’s search. Continue reading

Remove Widgi Toolbar

Widgi Toolbar is potentially unwanted software that will register itself as a toolbar for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. This adware will alter registry entries to make itself run automatically as Windows starts. Typically, Widgi Toolbar is installed on your browser as browser helper object (BHO). Also, you will find add-ons and plug-ins that is linked to this adware when looking over at your browser’s settings. Continue reading

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