Get rid of Xbvpnvee Ransomware

Xbvpnvee is the latest detected ransomware. It belongs to the Snatch ransomware family. When any system gets infected with this ransomware, the data gets encrypted and for decrypting it the victim has to pay some amount in the form of ransom to the cybercriminal who is responsible for the encryption process. This ransomware encrypts the … Read more

Delete Quick Converter Browser Hijacker

Quick Converter is another entry in the world of Browser Hijackers. It gets entry on your system through any software bundle or any malicious advertisement. Since it is installed unintentionally by most of the users, therefore, it is considered as Potentially Unwanted Application(PUA). It operates by getting into the settings of your browser and modifying … Read more

How to Remove Find a Flight Pro Browser Hijacker?

Find a Flight Pro is a website that is supposed to provide users with information about the flights around his area. However, instead of that, it is hijacking the user’s browser and using this platform to promote its fake search engine – It is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA). It might have … Read more

Get rid of MyDocsToPDF Browser Hijacker

MyDocsToPDF is a browser hijacker that advertises itself as a converter tool that converts Word Document to PDF and vice-versa. It can modify your browser settings to promote its fake search This browser hijacker usually targets the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Since it is a fake search engine, … Read more

How to Delete Adware? is a content downloading website. It allows its users to download the videos from YouTube and convert them into mp3 and mp4 formats. Although, along with that it also opens various untrustworthy websites and advertising sites. It is also illegal to download YouTube videos from such external websites. uses a rogue advertisement network … Read more

Remove Adware from your PC claims itself as a URL shortening service provider. Though this website uses its platform to promote rogue Advertisements network. It redirects its users to various untrustworthy websites. These websites are designed to trick the user to install Potentially Unwanted Applications(PUAs) like browser hijackers or malicious software like Ransomware and Trojan. When researched, was … Read more

How to remove Searchsio Browser Hijacker?

If every search from your search query is redirected to Searchsio Search, then you are a victim of the browser hijacking. Searchsio is a browser hijacker which when installed on your device, can change your browser’s settings to promote its fake search engine- Since these fake search engine can’t generate the search results so … Read more

Get Rid of Adware Redirection claims to be a website where you can paste the links of the YouTube videos and download their audio or video files in mp3 and mp4 format respectively. Although, this website uses malicious advertisement networks. Whenever you will try to use its service, it will redirect you to various untrustworthy and unrelated websites. It … Read more

How to Uninstall Adware from your PC? is the rogue website which is designed to display the inappropriate, irrelevant content to the user. It can also redirect users to the untrustworthy, malicious websites. In this guide, we will discuss how to get rid of this harmful Adware. Adware gets the entry in your browsers because you might have accidentally installed … Read more

Remove Safeplex Search Hijacker (Virus Removal Guide)

Safeplex Search is a malicious browser hijacker. It advertises itself as a free tool which provides the users with a safe and secure customised web search. According to its homepage, it can detect harmful online threats and can save users from them. Instead of it, it hijacks the browser and modifies the settings in order … Read more