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Remove WindowsActivationError pop-up

WindowsActivationError is an absolute scam. This malware simply lock the computer and display fake warning intended to defraud the user. Then scammers provided a Technical Support Hotline and propose to call to fix the suspected issue. Yet, calling to +1-855-441-4421 for Technical Assistance is not the real remedy for a fact that WindowsActivationError is just a false alert and not a real issue.

Cyber criminals these days have countless of ways to attack the system. They even have number of methods on how to steal money from computer users. WindowsActivationError is just one of them which you might get most likely when you visited a compromised web site, or could be when you open an email attachment from unknown source.

Take it as a warning, when you call to their Customer Support, it couldn’t give any constructive end result. In fact, scammers will only promote and sell support services that you don’t need in the first place. You may only given the crook a great chance to profit from a scheme .This WindowsActivationError is a complete bogus that would all end up with the will of schemers of having to gain even more money.

One more thing about WindowsActivationError was that, it shows alert warning that you have to enter the Product Key. Yet, even if you go and follow to input the code, it would only end up to nothing. You are then still advice to call to the number assigned by schemers.

Dealing with cyber criminals is risky in some way, and clearly a waste of time and your money. In a very adverse instance that you may come across with WindowsActivationError, you have to take into account these things. There must be no number you need to be called, no product key to be entered, and most importantly there must be no money to be paid in exchange of any support products and services.

To let your computer system free from WindowsActivationError pop-up, then the best thing you have to do is to simply follow the removal guide presented on this page.


Remove CyberLocker Virus

Does CyberLocker alert showing up on your screen demanding payment of $300 to unlock all encoded files on the computer? It only means that your PC is infected with CyberLocker virus or Cyber Locker Ransomware as security experts may call it. You may get scared as your first respond about this message and may get confuse on how to unlock all your files. You are given 72 hours and the counter remains running until such time that you acquire the unlock key.

This malware claims to encode all your files like documents, music, photos, videos, and so on. Your system stays on its unusable mode; attacker will only remove this Cyber Locker once you paid for the key. You have to know that it is merely the wrong way to unlock your system. The right thing to do is to delete this virus at once.

You must to delete CyberLocker now, not days from now to avoid more chances of dropping more malware onto your system. You don’t have to make a mistake of paying the fine. It’s so much easier to delete this virus rather than to pay that huge amount. Wherein fact once you pay the fine, you are most likely making things even worst.

Best resolution on this CyberLocker virus is truly no money involved if possible. You can follow our guide presented on this page. Unlocking or decrypting files affected by CyberLocker can be done with various tools available on the web.

Caribarena Ransomware (Removal Guide)

Caribarena virus is one more threat from the ransomware clan. The prime target of hostage taker or must say the cyber crook is your Windows operating system. Your PC as a hostage makes you feel even bother due to its freezing status. It may look like far from being usable. The only thing you can see on your screen is the warning message coming from Caribarena. It is to let you know that your computer has been blocked without due reason. Here is the message that may appear on the screen:

Caribarena demands $200 to unlock your machine, you can pay by moneygram to the name of “ofer shaked”. Send us transaction ID on email info@caribarena.com. We will send you unlock code.”

You are not a type of brave person if you just do follow with your unseen enemy’s command. You have to know that hacker’s ultimate goal is to negotiate up by asking you to pay a certain amount via Moneygram as fine. You must never negotiate with people behind this Caribarena malware, or else, you may be helping them to achieve their evil plan.


Take it calmly whenever you see this Caribarena warning message. Keep in mind that it is just a virus that wants to extort money from you. Don’t get pressure about it. No worries needed because once you delete this Caribarena malware, you can get back your PC in control. But be reminded that you must remove it in a moment after you got this infection, so it won’t put your system in deeper trouble.

To remove Caribarena ransomware, we provided on this page the easy steps that you may follow.

Remove PRISM Virus (MoneyPak Malware)

PRISM virus is created by cyber crook to victimized common users mainly from the United States. This is noticed by the display of logos belonging to Department of Justice, National Security Agency, and FBI. Entire screen of infected computer will have the message “Your Computer Has Been Locked.” To be able to unlock it, you have to pay a fine. It is stated as follows: Continue reading

AFP Crime Commision (ACC) Ukash Scam

AFP Crime Commission (ACC) virus is a member of Trojan family categorized as Ransomware. This virus can be injected to targeted computer in several ways. In most occasions, the threat is acquired by user from drive –by-download web sites, email attachment, and from shared files via peer to peer network. Continue reading

Serios Organised Crime Agency (Ukash Ransomware)

Serios Organised Crime Agency or also known as SOCA virus is another ransomware that demands Ukash and PaySafeCard payment. It is mainly created to collect fine from targeted victims in England. Therefore, to make sure that computer users will not ignored this scam, they used name of SOCA, Serios Organised Crime Agency, PCeU, Metropolitan British Police, and Cheshire Constabulary. Continue reading

Metropolitan British Police (Ukash Virus)

Metropolitan British Police (Ukash Virus) is like any other ransomware that can block your full system once this virus inject in your computer. It’s just varying on the place selected by hackers to victimized people by collecting money in a form of fine, United Kingdom in this particular scene. It seems like more genuine, they even adapt language in such place so as the victims will get clearly the message of fraud warning and above all the mode of payment as order by the scammers. The message written in their native language claiming that a computer user has breach the law in Great Britain. Continue reading

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