Get Rid of Nppp Ransomware

Nppp is a type of ransomware malware program. It is the part of Stop/Djvu family of ransomware. This ransomware works by encrypting the data of the victim, and in return for decrypting tool or key, ask them for the ransom. During the attack, all files which got infected by Nppp get appended with a ‘.nppp’ extension. … Read more

Remove DeathHiddenTear Ransomware

DeathHiddenTear ransomware is the latest detected ransomware, discovered by Michael Gillespie. Like any other ransomware, it also encrypts the data and demand ransom from the user in return for the decryption key or program. During the encryption process, all infected files get renamed. Small files are appended with “.encryptS” and larger files of size greater than 500 … Read more

Get rid of Xbvpnvee Ransomware

Xbvpnvee is the latest detected ransomware. It belongs to the Snatch ransomware family. When any system gets infected with this ransomware, the data gets encrypted and for decrypting it the victim has to pay some amount in the form of ransom to the cybercriminal who is responsible for the encryption process. This ransomware encrypts the … Read more

Remove PARROT Ransomware (Malware Removal Guide)

Parrot is one of the types of ransomware which belongs to the Dcrtr ransomware family. Similar to the other Ransomware, it also encrypts your personal data and asks for the ransom in return for the decryption tool. When a piece of file is infected by the Parrot, its extension is changed in this format: “original filename.[attacker’s … Read more

Remove ALKA Ransomware (Virus Removal Guide)

ALKA Ransomware encrypts your personal documents with strong encrypting mechanisms. Which makes it impossible to access your data without the decryption key. It encrypts your pictures, videos, office files, PDFs and other essential files. Once your file is encrypted it leaves a ransom note with the “_readme.txt” file. You can see this file on the … Read more

How to Remove MKOS Ransomware (Virus Removal Guide)

MKOS Ransomware encrypts all your personal and important files. It targets several file formats and encrypts them with strong encryption keys. All your personal files including images, videos, and documents will have the “.mkos” extension. This ransomware belongs to the STOP/DJVU ransomware family. It goes through all the folders and encrypts the files. After encrypting … Read more

How to Remove WERD Ransomware

Unusual change in file extension names is generally a sign of ransomware attack. If you see that the files are inaccessible and have .werd at the endo their name, it is WERD ransomware encryption. WERD belongs to STOP (DJVU) ransomware family which encrypts personal files on victim’s computer and make them unreadable. Data is locked … Read more

What is HELP_DECRYPT and How to Remove it?

If you are seeing HELP_DECRYPT files on your computer, then it means you are infected with ransomware. The ransomware encrypts all your file and asks ransom for the decryption key. HELP_DECRYPT file contains the instructions about how you can decrypt the files. It tells you that your files are encrypted with RSA-2048 encryption method. It … Read more