Trojan.Wincod – Trojan Found! Pop-up

Trojan.Wincod is a virus detected by Symantec security products. It is also a trojan being used by a rogue security program Personal Antivirus to scare computer users and detected it as a threat found on the computer. The warning message appears to be: Trojan.Wincod – Trojan Found! Trojan.Wincod is a Trojan horse that displays message … Read more

Remove Antivirus XP 2008

Antivirus XP 2008 is a bogus security program that may spread in various ways. Spam email messages may contain malicious links pointing to a web site wherein visitors can easily catch this rogue program has been very active lately. Antivirus XP 2008 also uses Trojan to redirect infected computers internet browser to same web site that will display false alert messages and mislead visitors into manually downloading the program.

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Remove Virus.BAT.Gray.705

Virus.BAT.Gray.705 is part of Windows Security Suite pop-up alert message that will be displayed on infected computer. You can view separate write-up for this rogue program to have more knowledge. Virus.BAT.Gray.705 does not really exists and was falsely detected to alarm computer owners and impose that they need to buy the said program. Since the virus is not present on the system there is no need for its removal.

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Malware.Monster.DX – Blue Screen of Death

Malware.Monster.DX that appears together with the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is a fake error brought about by AntivirusBEST infection. In reality, Malware.Monster.DX does not really exist and the BSOD is just a scare tactics used by rogue developers to convince victims that computer is infected with the said virus. You do not have to worry about this identified threat, but care most on how you can remove the malware causing it to appear.

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“Your PC is not Protected” Pop up

“Your PC is not Protected” is a pop-up alert coming from Windows task bar to fake computer users about the presence of threats. It may look like an alert from Windows but it is not. Actually, it comes from a Trojan that infected the computer prior to promoting fake software. It mimics Windows system tray … Read more

Remove WM/Helper – Alert

WM/Helper Virus is a fake detected threat that will appear as part of the spoof warning message from rogue security software called USAntispy (view details). This fake anti-virus program mimics real security application in order to deceive victims.

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