Remove Pop-up

If you are seeing pop-up ads prompting you to download Flash Player update, it is much safer to just close the browser. This web address is dubbed as malware site that disguise as legitimate software update web site.

Remove “Windows Security 2012 has found critical process”

If you receive a pop-up about “Windows Security 2012 has found critical process,” please discontinue your web browsing. You might end up with a malware download. This phony alert originates from harmful web site that will run an imitated virus scan on your computer. It is using a Windows Explorer like interface to make you conclude that the scan locally executed.

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Remove Text Enhance Pop-up

Text Enhance is an adware program that pop-ups advertisement on the affected browser. A type of browser add-ons or extension may be installed without user’s consent. Typically, Text Enhance comes bundled with another program that you may download from suspicious web sites. Once the adware is installed on the PC, you may notice many Text Enhance links all over the web page. Clicking on any of the links will display a pop-up that can redirect Internet browser to the endorsed page, commonly merchandise and service web site that uses Text Enhance to promote their product.

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Stop System Progressive Protection Firewall Alert

System Progressive Protection Firewall Alert Pop-up

System Progressive Protection Firewall Alert is a fake warning that originates from the rogue program that holds the title. It will appear as small warning from system tray that when clicked will reveal the complete fake warning. The main purpose of this bogus alert is to scare computer users by posting a report that, some applications are infected with malware. It prevents execution of programs, which may require Internet access. Running affected software causes the fake alert to pop-up and prompt for activation. For example, if user runs Firefox browser, System Progressive Protection Firewall Alert pop-ups with the message containing the following text:

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Remove “Recommended for You” Pop Up

“Recommended for You” Pop Up is an adware program that will be installed on the computer after installing a program that are commonly a requisite by some web sites. For example, certain site will not allow you to view online video until you download and install a required player. Having this player installed on your computer will also load “Recommended for You” adware without your consent.

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Remove Pop-up Ads

Some computer user mistakenly identifies that virus is causing pop-up advertisement. To refresh your mind, Pulse360 is an advertising company that became partner with some top web sites including,,, and many others. Ads shown by Pulse360 are sponsored links usually server in two formats – fixed ad inventory on content pages, or display banners that mainly contains graphics to catch user’s attention on the endorsed product.

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