​Professional Malware Removal Service

​We connect to your computer remotely and remove any virus or malware on computer. 

Ready to get your computer clean from infections? Our technicians are just one click away.

​How it Works?


Make the payment to Place your order


​Check email for Instructions


​Technician connects and starts ​Cleaning

​If we are not able to fix it, you get your money back.

  • ​Assistance is provided in English Language only.
  • ​Customer must install Remote connection software on his own on receipt of instructions.
  • Support is limited to Windows 7 / 8 and 10 platform only.
  • Stable, high speed Internet Connection is must for quick response and effective operation.
  • This service will not fix ​BIOS and hardware issues that prevent the system from booting up.
  • ​Service does not include help with Apple Mac, Android or Linux systems.
  • If you have further queries, ​click here to chat with us.