Is IObit Safe? Are their SystemCare Products Scam?

IObit is a software company which has a long range of software to tune up the Windows and MAC computer. The company provides software for PC Cleaning, optimizing, protection, and for the driver update. They even have an app lock and a security app for the Android device. The software offered by IObit seems promising, but users are hesitating using IObit products. In this article, we will be discussing why users are not relying on IObit? Is IObit safe? Are their SystemCare products scam or legitimate?

Is IObit Products Safe?

One of the users posted on MalwareBytes forum that Malwarebytes is detecting IObit Advanced SystemCare as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and it is not allowing to run that program. PUPs are such software that isn’t that necessary for your computer. The features they offer you can do manually. For example, you don’t typically need software to update the drivers; you can do it manually.

Is IObit Products Safe to Use?

Almost all IObit products have a free and a premium version. The free product offers basic services and premium provides a little bit optimized services. What they don’t offer is a feeling of peace. Even if you purchase a product, it will keep displaying popups for the same and other products. However, it doesn’t affect the security of your computer. Still, it does irritate you.

A software like IObit SystemCare deletes critical data such as software, registry entries, temp files, etc. You just can’t rely on any software to handle this kind of data. Any mishappening may lead to stopping the working of your computer or losing your valuable data. However it has been seen that IObit software handles such data perfectly with some exceptions, but when there are better alternatives why to take risks.

Software like CCleaner is much reliable than IObit. When you compare the features of CCleaner and IObit, IObit has a long list of features. But you don’t need such features to enhance the performance of your computer.

Some users have reported that the IObit Uninstaller leaves some file and icons after cleaning. Most of the IObit software like Smart Defrag 5, Start Menu 8, WinMetro, Driver Booster is unnecessary.

IObit Malware Fighter

The IObit Malware Fighter supposed to find and remove all kind of malware from your PC. Eventually, it is not that much useful. When there is a better alternative such as MalwareFox anti-malware then why to use it? Read our guide on malware removal from Chrome browser.

Can I use IObit SystemCare Products?

Is IObit Safe?

Yes, you can use IObit SystemCare products, but you should not use this software when there are better and reliable alternatives are available. CCleaner is efficiently working for 15 years. From ordinary users to system administrators trust it. There are no issues reported with CCleaner. When there is an alternative like CCleaner then why to install any other software. You can use CCleaner along with CCEnhancer; it does all the job that is necessary to enhance the performance of your computer.


The answer to the question, Is IObit safe, is yes. It is safe to use. Their SystemCare products also work with some minor defects. This software offers a lot of settings to tweak that is not necessary. Also, some users have reported that it irritates them with the promotion of their other products. The IObit products are bloatware that is not that much necessary. There are better trustworthy alternatives available. You can use them. However, it is your data and your computer, it solely depends on you what software you use. IObit products are safe but less reliable. What IObit products do you use? Have you faced any issue? Tell me in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Is IObit Safe? Are their SystemCare Products Scam?”

  1. CCleaner is dangerous itself, i tried it and my laptop’s performance started going slower and slower, i uninstalled ccleaner and my problem was solved. CCleaner had many horrible backstories, such as: CCleaner installed Avast on pc without user’s permissions, CCleaner installs a remote control backdoor, etc. I recommend reading this wikipedia page:

  2. all 10bit products are intrusive, they pester you with their other products and yes they do put pups on. I will never use any 10bit products again.

  3. Saw someone share this link on a tech forum. I must disagree.

    iObit has been my go to company for years. Their products are cheap for what they do – and their suggestions and popups can be annoying, I agree, but any time I have a slowdown, I run the full gamut of their products and it usually works to suss out the problem.

    I found the simplest workaround for their popups is just to have bought the main program Advanced Systemcare, install the others and then found keys on YT to activate the others. They really don’t care about their security, IMO, because once you’ve tried them all, you’ll settle on which ones you really like and buy them.

    In particular I love their flagship product, ASC. In conjunction with Avast and Spybot/TeaTimer (I am old school), my computer is always secure.

    Their powerful uninstaller has gotten rid of viruses other programs haven’t been able to. Smart Defrag is one click for both regular and boot defrag, whereas Windows has always made defragging difficult to find if you aren’t tech savvy. And if I ever seem to be having trouble gaming, Driver Booster usually saves the day – it even installs old NET frameworks that make it so I can play older PC games without entering compatibility mode.

    So yeah, overall, very much at odds with this article.

  4. I have to disagree I have purchased a few of their products and have never had any issues with any of them! I have been Using iObit for over 10 years now.
    I use the following products:
    Smart Defrag Pro
    Advanced System Care 12 Pro
    iObit Uninstaller Pro
    iObit Malware Fighter Pro
    Driver Booster Pro
    iObit Unlocker
    iObit Undelete

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