Is CamStudio Safe or Dangerous?

Are you worried that CamStudio is an infected program and it is not safe to use on your computer? There are lots of question in the forums asking for its authenticity. In this article, we will know about these questions and answer to the biggest one “Is CamStudio safe?”

What is it?

CamStudio is a free and open source screen recorder application. It records all your activity on the screen and audio. It produces AVI video files. It also can stream the video and audio on the internet. It has inbuilt SWF producer who creates bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash Videos (SWF).

Gamers use CamStudio to stream their gaming session. It is quite popular among them. It is also used for creating a tutorial and demonstrative videos.

Is CamStudio Safe

VirusTotal Review

VirusTotal analyses a program and checks its status with different antivirus engines. We uploaded the CamStudio installer on VirusTotal to see its score. It gets detected in 11 antivirus engines out of 67. Meaning 56 antiviruses think it is safe and 11 antiviruses are considering it unsafe. People might listen to the high majority. However, your privacy and security as at risk. No antivirus should detect a good program.

VirusTotal Review of CamStudio

Most of the antivirus engines that it detects positive are for InstallCore. Which means, it is bundled with some unnecessary adware or extension. We can avoid that during the installation. However, I understand it is still a security concern. This bundled adware can steal your personal information and sell it, third-party clients, which means it doesn't respect your privacy.

Problems Faced in Past

In January 2014, the program was reported to infected with a trojan. The Nick Smith caretaker of CamStudio posted an edit on Wikipedia stating -

Program has chosen to use an ad supported installer to finance future development. The installer offers free software during the installation process. Regardless of what AV software is reporting, CamStudio unequivocally is *not* infected with a trojan or any other malicious software. It is possible that software offered via the installer could be triggering the alert, but CamStudio and the installer are both clean.

In 2013, VirusTotal reported CamStudio as a malicious software because most antiviruses engine detected Artemis Trojan in the installer. 

In March 2016, TerryBritton announces on the official CamStudio forum that the installer is now ad-free. The Program will not offer any unwanted software. However, they didn't provide any verification source. Antivirus engines and users are still not trusting it.

It seems developers and caretaker of the CamStudio are trying to make it malware free, but they are not trying hard enough.

User Opinions

If we look into the user’s opinion from the forums, it is mixed. Few people think it is dangerous while few think it is safe. On MalwareTips Forum starchild_76 said-

the program itself is safe , the only downfall is , that the installer package is riddled with bundled with pups and adware! when you want to install it , be sure that you have unchecky installed. after an install run adwcleaner , to make sure no adware or other junk is left.

Kent said -

CamStudio User Review

Another user Tim said –

CamStudio User Review 2

Few users consider it as legitimate software, and few think it is unsafe. However, most users believe it is bundled with browser hijackers and other malware. So, it is better not to install it.

Company Info and Reputation

RenderSoft initially developed and released CamStudio in October 2001. Then the source code was made to the public under the General Public License (GNU) in December 2002.

After that in 2003 eHelp Corporation acquired RenderSoft. eHelp corporation released CamStudio 2.1 without the ability to create SWFs. Then Adobe acquired RederSoft.

In 2007, CamStudio 2.0 open source version was re-released as free software.

The website offering CamStudio is still letting you download the program made in 2003. There has been no update since.

A company who started this software is no longer in play. The caretaker Nick Smith made it available to the public still he is struggling in the development process of the program. There is nothing to trust in this software.


There has been much noise regarding the authenticity of CamStudio. Still, many antivirus programs think Camstudio is not safe. Even, if the application is reliable and installer inserts any browser hijacker to your computer, it is not recommended.

I would say not to install CamStudio and try other alternatives. Why go to untrusted tool when there is other genuine software available. Download and install MalwareFox antimalware that protects your computer from such kind of software. Let its real-time protection on so that it can block these programs even before then start damaging your PC.

Our Verdit : Not Safe


If you need a screencasting software then why to download an untrusted program, then take a look on some alternatives of CamStudio.

  • 1
    FastStone Capture - It is an adware free lightweight program to capture screen. 
  • 2
    Open Broadcaster Software - Open source free screencast software.
  • 3
    ShareX - Free and open source program to capture or record your screen.
  • 4
    TinyTake - The program offers to record and capture screen and share it online.
  • 5
    Screen O Matic - Simple tool to record your screen and save it as video file.

If you are hesitating to install this software then you can use the Windows Game bar to record and screencast. Press Windows + G to open the game bar.

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