How to Repair Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge is the new default browser in your Windows 10. It is a fast and feature-rich browser when we compare it with Internet Explorer. However, it is still not error-free. Users often face glitches and errors in the Microsoft Edge.

Earlier, users have to reset the browser to fix these issues. But now in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709) Microsoft has given the Repair option. The problem with reset was, users had to lose their browsing data. But now you can quickly fix those issues without compromising any settings or data with the Repair option.

How to Repair Microsoft Edge

Follow the below steps to repair Microsoft Edge.

Step 1:- Right click on the Windows Start button, and choose Settings.

Open Settings App - Repair Edge

Step 2:- Now click on Apps.

Open Apps to Repair Microsoft Edge

Step 3:- Now go to Apps & features tab, you will see all the apps installed on your system. Scroll down and find Microsoft Edge. Click on it, and then click on Advanced options.

Click on Advanced options

Step 4:- Now you will see the advanced options for Microsoft Edge. Scroll down till the Reset section. You will see the option of Repair and Reset. Click on the Repair button. It won’t affect the browsing data. But if you click on the Reset button, it will delete your browsing data like history.

Click on Repair to fix Microsoft Edge

Note:- If you don’t see the Repair option, then you need to update your Windows. The Repair option is available in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version 1709.

The repair option will take a few seconds. Once the repair finished, you will see a tick mark beside the Repair button.

Microsoft Edge Repair Finished

Now open Edge to check if it is running correctly. If you are still facing issues, then you can try resetting it. You will lose some data, but it will fix the problems you have. We have written a guide on Resetting Microsoft Edge. This guide will also help you to remove malware from the Edge browser. Most of the time, the issues are due to some malware infection. So, you need to consider that possibility also.

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