How to Remove Pokki Update Virus

Pokki help users to change their start menu appearances in Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system. SweetLabs developed this utility in 2014, and it was quite popular at that time. This tool allows users to search for different items such as files, apps, settings, power options, etc. using the Start button. The app is supposed to change the start menu to help users. However, due to its distribution method and ad serving features, many antivirus engines describes it as a Win32/Pokki, which is considered as Potentially Unwanted Application (PUP). Here in this article, you will know more about the Pokki Start Menu Update virus and how to remove it from your system.

What is Pokki Start Menu Update Virus?

When Microsoft changed the look of the start menu in their Windows 8 operating system, many users haven’t like that appearance much. At that time, Pokki created their start menu tool which returns the old start menu of Win 7 in the Windows 8 operating system. Later on, the Windows 10 users aren’t even that much fond of the default start menu, so the need of Pokki emerges.

Pokki Start Menu Virus Removal Guide

Now the problem is that Pokki start menu doesn’t always wait for your permission to enter in your system. Sometimes users install this utility themselves, and sometimes it uses the illicit method like bundling to distribute itself. So when the people receive the new version update notification of Pokki, they don’t bother. But when people who haven’t installed this tool receive the update pop-up notification, they consider it as a virus.

Pokki Start Menu Update Virus

In reality, the Pokki start menu update cannot be described as a virus. In short, it doesn’t have characteristics of virus or malware. However, various antivirus engines detect it as BrowserModifier Win32 Pokki, because it modifies the browser’s settings like homepage and search engine to the Web Search website. Also, the suspicious ads on this tool make it as a PUP.

How does Pokki Update Virus Spread?

As we already discussed, the distribution method of Pokki is not genuine, so let’s see how it enter in your system. Pokki start menu uses software bundling method to spread. It is bundled with free or pirated software. Then the makers of this software upload the bundled software on the free software downloading website. When you download that software, you also download the Pokki start menu.

At the time of installation, you could see it if you choose the custom/advanced installation method. It is preselected to install which you may deselect. Due to less awareness, the most user considers it as an essential feature and don’t bother to deselect. Thus they install the Pokki Start Menu virus.

What are the Dangers of Pokki Start Menu?

Pokki start menu itself doesn’t harm your computer or data. However, the ad that you see on this tool could lead you to severe computer threats. Below are the possible dangers of Pokki update virus and this is your answer to the question that why should you uninstall Pokki from your system.

  • the advertisements could lead you to misleading and fraud websites.
  • It shows an excessive amount of ads, including banners and pop-ups in your browser, which covers the content of the website you are browsing.
  • Hijacks the settings of the browser like homepage, new tab, and default search engine and completely ruins the browsing experience.
  • Tracks your online activity and records your search query, browsing history, IP address, location, etc.

How to Remove the Pokki Start Menu Update Virus?

Manually removing the Pokki start menu is a tough task. You need to go through complicated steps to remove it from your PC completely. You can switch to automatic removal steps to quickly remove this virus, otherwise, follow the below instructions.

Step 1 – Uninstall Pokki Program from Control Panel

Press Win+R button to open the Run box.

Type appwiz.cpl in the box then press OK.

Uninstall Programs 1

There you will see the list of all the programs. Find the suspicious applications, right click on them and choose Uninstall.

Uninstall Programs 2

Now follow the instructions to uninstall the application.

Step 2 – Reset the Browsers to Remove Hijacker

Pokki update virus hijacks the settings of your browser like homepage, new tab, and default search engine. You cannot change the settings without removing the hijacker. To remove it you need to reset the browsers.

Automatically Remove Pokki Virus

To remove Pokki virus automatically, we will be taking help of a strong antimalware MalwareFox. The MalwareFox is capable of detecting, cleaning, and stoping threats like ransomware, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, adware, and PUPs. Download MalwareFox to proceed with the steps.

Open the MalwareFox installer and follow the instructions to install MalwareFox on your computer.

Once the MalwareFox installation completes, let it update the program and the signature database.

MalwareFox Updating Signature

Now click on the Scan button.

Scan with MalwareFox 1

Once the scan completes, click on Next to remove the threats from your PC.

Scan with MalwareFox 3

You have successfully removed the Pokki Virus from your PC. Don’t visit suspicious websites and never install software from untrusted sources. Keep the real-time protection featured enabled of MalwareFox so that it can protect you from such threats in the future.

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