How to Remove AdChoices Popup Ads

The most popular and essential method of monetizing the internet services is ads. Almost every small and big internet companies depend on the advertisements. However, it also has been seen that many websites use so many ads on their page. So that, they can increase their revenue. It is solely lousy practice, as it irritates the users and they may ditch their website.

There are also some websites that infect users with hijackers. They hijack the settings of the browser so that users have to open their page every time they open the browser. Such services are categorized as PUPs and adware. Also, some ad agencies understand the responsibility of good ad serving. They do not serve malicious ads. To ensure these rules, AdChoices comes into the light.

If you often see AdChoices pop-ups in your browser and want to remove it, then we will help you to do that. You will also know what AdChoices is and is it dangerous.

What is AdChoices?

AdChoices is a self-regulatory program that regulates online advertisements. This program exists in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The primary objective of this program is to enforce privacy and transparency in online advertisements. There are several big ad serving companies in this program.

How to Remove AdChoices Ads

There are over 200 participants in this program. Big names like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, AT&T, AOL, and Taboola are also in the AdChoices. This institute monitors and enforces the rules of user’s data collection.

Internet ads follow the behavioral methods to serve targeted ads. To do this, the ad serving agency collects some data of user’s interest in the form of cookies. Ad agencies use this information to serve ads that users might find interesting. AdChoices regulates this data collection rules and also gives the option to opt out from this service.

Is AdChoices Dangerous?

No, AdChoices ads are not dangerous. In fact, it is a safe regulatory program that follows ethical ad serving principle. It doesn’t allow ads that are not safe for the users. Malicious programs and fraud websites ads are not allowed as per rules. If they find any of such ads, they block them immediately. So, AdChoices ads are entirely safe. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your data also.

Is AdChoices a Risk to Privacy?

Internet ads collect some data to serve interest-based ads. It raises some data to personalize these ads. It receives data such as your browsing history and searches history. The data is saved on your computer as a form of cookies. Next time when you visit a page where the ad is placed, it collects the data and serves the ad according to your interest.

This data is anonymous and couldn’t be matched with your identity. However, it still seems risky to the privacy concerned people. AdChoices ensures that the ad serving companies do not misuse your data. If you still don’t want to see these ads then follow the below guidelines to remove AdChoices ads.

How to Remove AdChoices Pop-ups?

There are few methods to remove AdChoices pop-ups, follow the instructions below.

Reset the Browsers

Some adware PUPs and hijackers serve annoying ads on your browser. To remove them you can reset the browsers. This action will remove all the extensions or add-ons from your browser. It will also clear the cookies and history. However, your saved passwords and bookmarks will be there.

Below is the separate guide links to reset the browser. Choose the one you have.

Reset Google Chrome

Refresh Mozilla Firefox

Reset Microsoft Edge

Reset Internet Explorer

Opt-Out from AdChoices in Google

The largest ad serving company is Google. There are lots of publishers on the internet who uses Google Adsense to monetize their website. So, if you opt-out from Google then you will minimize these interest-based ads in significant numbers. This method will stop collecting your data, but you will still see regular ads.

Login to your Google Account and visit Ads Settings.

Remove AdChoices 1

Then click on Manage Ad Settings.

Remove AdChoices 2

Now use the Toggle switch to turn off Ad personalisation.

Opt-out from Personalized Ads in Google

Now Google will tell you that you will still see ads, but they will not be based on your interest. Hence they will be less useful. Also, it will not use cookies to save the information so, if you disable any advertisers that won’t work. Click on Turn off button.

Opt-out from Personalized Ads in Google

You can also turn off ads personalisation from Google ads when you are not signed in Google. There is also the option to opt-out from 100+ other online ad networks. To do that click on Visit Your Online Choices. This link will take you to the official AdChoices website.

Remove AdChoices 5

Now AdChoices scans your browser and checks the status of ads personalisation.

Opt Out from Ads Personalisation in AdChoices

Now AdChoices tells you what you can do with this tool. Click on Continue button.

Opt Out from Ads Personalisation in AdChoices

Here you can opt-out from all ad networks by clicking on Opt Out of All button. You can also select particular ad networks and click on Submit your Choices button.

Opt Out from Ads Personalisation in AdChoices

Note- This method is only for the current browser. If you want to turn off the ad personalisation in other browsers or devices, you need to do the same exercise there. The AdChoices will store your opt-out preferences in the form of cookies. So, if your browser doesn’t allow cookies, this won’t work. Also, if you delete the cookies, it will stop working, and you need to follow the method again.

Install Ad-Blockers

If you want to block all these ads completely then, Ad-blockers could help you. It is an efficient way not to see any kinds of advertisements. You can install the extension of the ad-blockers, and they will completely block the banners and pop-up ads from every page.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus comes as a browser add-on. It works on most popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. AdBlock Plus is also available for iOS and Android smartphones. It blocks ads that are malicious and could affect your personal data. It allows some advertisements which are genuine to support the websites. However, you can always choose them.


AdBlock works like AdBlock Plus. It supports popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari. Most ads slow down the page load speed. So, when AdBlock doesn’t load them, it also boosts the browsing speed.


Ghostery is also such an extension. It blocks the ad trackers so that they couldn’t steal your sensitive information. Such trackers also open a backdoor to hackers. So it is necessary not to allow them. Ghostery is available for all major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Safari. It is a free and effective solution for blocking the ads.

Install an Antimalware

Most of the malicious internet ads use malicious software to hijack the settings of your browser. It then keeps serving ads. Such software also tracks your browsing data. They often redirect you to their client pages to increase their traffic. Such actions may infect your computer with severe threats such as spyware, keyloggers, ransomware, etc. It is better to have a security solution that could remove such malicious software.

MalwareFox Premium - Top 5 Antimalware Software in 2019

I recommend you to get MalwareFox antimalware. It is a lightweight suit that effectively runs on the low-end computers. MalwareFox doesn’t interfere with antiviruses. So you can install it without removing your current antivirus. MalwareFox works on a heuristic approach. It analyzes the behavior of software and blocks them if there is something suspicious.

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