(Fixed) Internet Explorer won’t Open : 3 Steps Solution

When you click on the Internet Explorer icon, nothing happens. Internet Explorer won’t open even you click multiple times on it. I am listing a 3 step solution to fix this issue in this article.

Description of Problem

When you try to open the internet explorer, you don’t get any response from it. No matter how many times you click on it, internet explorer won’t open. Even if you try after restarting the windows, you are unable to open internet explorer. I will give you the solution, but first, let’s see why it is happening.

Cause of the Problem

Internet Explorer is not opening because the ieproxy.dll file is not loading into the main memory. It happens when ieproxy.dll file gone unregistered from the IE module. This file is essential to run the internet explorer. So, when you open the internet explorer ieproxy.dll loads into the main memory and works as IE ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library process, in the simple word a task.

So, when this file gets unregistered from IE Module, the internet explorer won’t do anything; it won’t start. You might find overwhelming with the cause of the problem. However, you don’t need to worry as the solution is simple. Follow below steps to fix internet explorer won’t open problem.

How to Fix Internet Explorer Won’t Open Issue?

The solution for 32/x86 Version-

Step 1 – Open the windows run dialog. Press the windows button and R button all together to open it.

Step 2 – Now type the following code into the run box. You can copy it from here and paste it.

regsvr32.exe "c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll"

Internet Explorer won't open solution 1

Step 3 – Click on Ok or press enter button.

You should see a confirmation message that “DllRegisterServer in c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll succeeded.”

If you get a failed message, then you have a 64-bit version of windows. Or your windows is installed in a different drive. Change the drive letter in the command according to your default windows drive. Follow the below steps if you have a 64-bit version.

How to Fix Internet Explorer Won't Open Issue

The Solution for 64-Bit Version

Step 1 – Press Windows Key and R key to open the run dialog.

Step 2 – Copy the following code and paste it into the run box.

regsvr32.exe "c:\program files x86\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll"

How to Fix Internet Explorer Won't Open Issue

Step 3 – Now press enter or click on Ok button.

You will see a confirmation message that ieproxy.dll is successfully loaded.

Now, you need to restart the computer. Restart your computer and then open Internet Explorer. Now it will begin immediately.

If you face any problem in fixing the issue, comment below, I will try to give you a solution. If there is any question, you can also comment down.

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