5 Easy Tips to Avoid Computer Infection

A computer infection even the simplest one can cause you many problems. Your computer may start behaving abnormally, and you may lose your life’s work when ransomware encrypts your entire essential files. We have seen Wanna cry in past people who were affected with it had to pay the hefty ransomware money to get their files. If you don’t want to put yourself in those situations, then you are at right place. Here in this article, we are mentioning five easy to implement tips to avoid infection on your computer.

1. Avoid Installing Unknown Software

Do you always look for a cracked version of the premium software? The answer is Yes for most us and no wonder later you get infected with a severe threat if you keep downloading such applications. The cybercriminals put a cracked version of popular software online. However, what’s in it for them? They want to steal your data. They inject malware with the cracked version, and when you install it, it gets your permission to destroy you.

Do Not Install Unknown Software - 5 Tips to Avoid Computer Infection

Cracks, Keygen, and patches often get you into trouble. So never try to download crack software. Also, don’t download free software from the unpopular software sites. These site owners’ bundles browser hijackers and Potentially Unwanted Software (PUP) with their popular downloads.

If you have to download free software, then try to download it from their official site, but don’t trust it blindly. Pay attention to installation steps and exit right away when you see any other recommending software. At the time of installation if you see something like below, then please quit the installation.

Installing software from unknown publisher is always a risk.

2. Do not Open Spam Emails

It is the most used method of spreading malware.  The Wanna cry ransomware we were talking about earlier uses spam emails to steal money from thousands of people. Even prominent organizations like hospitals were infected with it. The makers of Wanna cry sends bulk emails to people from the name of leading organizations like Shipping company attaching a file named Invoice. It creates curiosity among users, and then they downloaded the attachments. Then next thing they see is the warning of ransomware.

Do Not Open Spam Emails

It is better not to open spam emails. Don’t entertain emails from the name of favorite organizations and emails from the unknown people you don’t have to do anything. If you receive an email from a known person, who doesn’t usually contact you via email. Then it is better to confirm with the person before opening it and downloading the attachment.

It’s not just the attachment even the links in the spam emails could be dangerous. If you see someone send you a link to your favorite movie, then please don’t click on it. It could lead you to a malicious website which may further infect your computer.

3. Surf Cautiously

The next tip to avoid computer infection is to use common sense while browsing the internet. Don’t think that nothing will harm you checking an unknown website. Clicking on random links could cause you a great deal of the problems.

Surf Cautiously - Tips to Avoid Computer Infection

Never enter your financial, email, or social account details on an unknown website. Always verify from the address bar that it’s the page where you should fill your internet banking login details.

Don’t click on pop-up ads even if you see exiting offer on your favorite product. Also, it has been seen many cybercriminals sends malicious links to users on their social media account. Kill your curiosity and don’t click on it to check.

4. Disable AutoPlay

AutoPlay or autorun is a feature that opens the content of a removable device once you insert it into your PC. You are not always aware of the content of the removal device. It could have malware and when you plug it in it quickly start spreading before you even know. So it is better to disable it. When you plug a removable device, scan it with your antivirus and antimalware and then open it.

Here is how you can disable AutoPlay on Windows 10.

Click on Cortana Search and type AutoPlay. Then click on AutoPlay Settings.

Disable AutoPlay 1

Then Click on the Toggle button of Use AutoPlay for all media and devices to off.

Then under the Choose AutoPlay defaults section Select Take no action for Removal drive and Memory card.

Disable AutoPlay 2 - How to Avoid Malware Infection

5. Keep your PC and Security Suite Updated

It is the most important tip to avoid computer infection. Cybercriminals take advantage of loopholes in your operating system. When the manufacture of your OS identifies such gaps, they release the update. If you don’t update your PC, then you might become next victim of malware infection. The same thing applies to the security suite. They release the virus definition database to identify new threats. So you need to make sure all of your software is up to date.

Keep Software Up to Date - Prevent Computer Infection

It has been seen that antivirus are not enough to give you protection against modern threats. Computer viruses are evolving, so you need an extra layer of security. Use anti-malware to identify and remove such advanced computer infection. I would recommend MalwareFox Antimalware. It gives your protection against ransomware, keyloggers, rootkits, Trojans, spyware, etc.


The above five tips are the most critical steps you need to take in case you want to stay away from the malware infection. Keep a small list of software but make sure they are genuine and up to date. Don’t blindly click on suspicious links and never download an attachment from spam emails. Install antimalware solution to your computer.

In my closing statement, I would like to give you one extra tip. Please, do take backup of your valuable data. Don’t just rely on cloud backup as most sync based cloud backup could also sync the infection. So, burn a DVD or take the backup on portable HDD and keep it offline. It will not save you from the infection, but it’s a lifesaver in case the security of your PC gets compromised. You will be able to restore the vital data, and you will not be forced to pay a hefty ransom amount. Stay protected.

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