How to Remove Pop-up Notifications tricks users into subscribing for push notifications. It also asks users to install the malicious extension of stream-all. The extension pretends to provide the streaming service. The website asks users to install the extension and start streaming videos. Also, it asks to click on the allow button. The allow button is for push notifications, … Read more

Remove Redirect from All Browsers is a malicious website that redirects users to the advertisement pages. It enters in your PC with the help of third-party software and hijacks the settings of the browsers. It may enter in any browser but targets the popular ones like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. hijacks the homepage, new tab, and default search … Read more

How to Remove TzarMedia from Browsers

TzarMedia is a fake website that claims to have several movie titles and games in their collection. They tell you that you will get these media once you register for their service. However, it has been noticed that TzarMedia is a fraudulent website that doesn’t have any kind of such services. It just wants users … Read more