How to Remove ClipConverter Virus Pop-up

Remove Pokki Update Virus

ClipConverter sends malicious links on your computer and ruins your browsing experience. It could display several forms of advertisements on your PC like pop-ups, banners, and redirects. pretends to be a service that lets you convert and download online videos. You can paste the URL of the video, and then you can download the … Read more

How to Remove Akamaihd Virus Completely

Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Akamaihd is a malicious website that redirects users to the different address. This virus gets triggered when you open the browser, open a new tab, click on any page, or after a specific time interval. The pages it redirects you contain lots of sponsored messages and advertisements of fraud products. There are different variants of … Read more

Is SearchLock Virus or Safe to Use?

Is SearchLock Virus or Safe to Use

SearchLock is a search engine that claims to protect your privacy while searching on the internet. It also offers the SearchLock extension that helps you to protect your search history from other search engines. It claims to reroute your traffic and so that search engines couldn’t track you and create your profile. If you are … Read more

How to Remove Malware?

DNS Hijacker Removal Guide is a malicious website that hijacks the DNS settings and redirects users to different addresses. It also blocks access to some sites, and some of your applications would not work. It inserts multiple ads and slows down the loading speed of the websites. Users try to scan with their traditional antivirus which doesn’t catch … Read more

How to Remove Virus

Browser Hijacker Removal Guide domain is primarily created for advertisement purpose. The adware program uses this domain to redirect users to different pages. It comes under the Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) category, and it infiltrates your system without permission. Once it gets enters, it hijacks the settings of your browsers so that it can redirect users to the … Read more

How to Remove Microsoft Edge Virus

Virus Warning Scam

Microsoft Edge virus is a scam designed by cybercriminals to fool internet users. While browsing the internet all of a sudden, you will see a warning message that Microsoft Edge is infected with a virus. It also asks you to call the support helpline to clean the infection. This Scam works like a browser hijacker. … Read more