How to Remove WERD Ransomware

Unusual change in file extension names is generally a sign of ransomware attack. If you see that the files are inaccessible and have .werd at the endo their name, it is WERD ransomware encryption. WERD belongs to STOP (DJVU) ransomware family which encrypts personal files on victim’s computer and make them unreadable. Data is locked … Read more

Remove Redirect Virus

If your web browser is automatically opening on launch or in new tab, it is most likely infected with browser hijacker. might also redirect your search queries automatically instead of your chosen search engine. They have another subdomain called which might appear for some users. It happens because Online Recipes Viewer extension … Read more

How to remove Popup Ads sends unwanted popup ads by tricking you to allow sending push notifications. It is a browser based scam but sometimes adware might appear directly on desktop computer or phones. What is Filebit.Pro Filebit is a popular file sharing services which allows premium downloading from multiple providers. However, scamsters are misusing their name to spread … Read more

How to Remove Ads Virus pushes unwanted popup ads on browser or directly on computer or phone. It tricks you to subscribing their notifications by posing themselves as video player. What is is a malware spreading site which shows video player interface but it never plays. Instead, it continues to ask you for several permissions for successful … Read more